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As part of our IHG Academy, we offer a variety of excellent paid on-the-job training to students or anyone seeking to begin a career within hospitality. Programmes include internships and apprenticeships in both our hotels or corporate offices. Designed to give you Room To Grow from start, our programmes offer a wealth of learning opportunities and the chance for you to build critical experiences and launch your careers within our amazing industry.

Internship programmes


Atlanta Corporate Internship

UK Hotel Internship

Experience a culture where you'll feel at home

We’re proud of our inclusive culture and diverse workforce. Throughout your internship you’ll have:


Комната, чтобы принадлежать

We’ll give you the support to do your best work and recognize your efforts and successes.

Место для роста

Мы создадим для вас опыт и возможности для личного и профессионального развития.

Room to Make a Difference

We’ll share our passion and desire for a better world, doing impactful work that makes a real and measurable difference.

Академия IHG

IHG Academy is where careers in hospitality start. It’s for anyone, anywhere, who wants to discover, build or launch a career in our incredible industry.

To learn more about what powers our internships or to discover more opportunities, check out IHG Academy.

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“My internship with IHG not only ignited my passion in a new field and industry, but also provided me with the confidence to excel.  I felt like a valued member of the team and my contributions and opinions were genuinely appreciated. This experience left me very excited about accepting a full-time position with IHG.”

Lauren DeMent

“My six-month internship at Kimpton Fitzroy London's HR department was an eye-opening experience. It provided me with an invaluable opportunity to explore the HR domain and broaden my knowledge. The internship not only opened doors for me but also allowed me to gain practical insights, making it a fantastic learning journey.”

Ясмин Тоби | Kimpton Fitzroy London

“My experience at IHG’s summer internship program was a life changing one. I was able to apply skills I have developed over the years in a corporate setting, which was a full-circle moment for me. The inclusive and diverse company culture is what really set this organization apart from others.”

Jameel Ndiaye

"Мой опыт стажировки в IHG стал прекрасной возможностью для обучения и карьерного роста. Мои менеджеры и руководители давали мне исключительные рекомендации и оказывали неизменную поддержку, что сыграло решающую роль в моем карьерном и личностном росте. IHG предоставила мне платформу для развития моих способностей и приобретения новых, чтобы добиться успеха в выбранной отрасли. Я решила остаться и занять должность на полный рабочий день, потому что благодарна за возможность учиться и развиваться в такой замечательной команде".

Divya Manohari | InterContinental London Park Lane

“My internship with IHG in the Summer of 2022 expanded my knowledge on the hospitality industry and how thriving it is becoming for young professionals. The welcoming and friendly environment helped me realize that IHG was the perfect place to start my professional career.”

Shania Thompson

"Мой опыт работы в IHG в отеле InterContinental London Park Lane стал поистине преобразующим. Мне посчастливилось работать вместе с выдающимися коллегами из разных команд, не только в отеле, но и в других отелях и корпорациях, выстраивая значимые отношения. На протяжении всего этого пути я пережил огромный личностный и профессиональный рост. Я преодолевала трудности, расширяла границы своих возможностей и развивала разнообразные навыки и глубокое понимание различных аспектов HR".

Шейн Менезес | InterContinental London Park Lane

"My internship with IHG plunged me right in to a highly collaborative team. I was so impressed by the flexible and supportive culture - my team gave me room to grow, but also enabled me to contribute actively, even as a new member!”

Aster Koehler

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