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Experience it all with our corporate internship

Some of the biggest and most prestigious hotel brands in the world. More career paths than you ever expected. And a whole global business, just waiting to be explored.

It’s amazing what you can experience in just ten weeks with us.

Located in the thriving city of Atlanta, which is fast becoming the place to be for young professionals, our internship is your way into a career that could take you all around the world.

Our internship program

We designed our internship to give you the most immersive and valuable experience possible. Becoming a part of our team from your first day, you’ll contribute to project work and learn a wide range of professional skills. Whichever pathway you pick, we’ll be there to support your learning all the way through.

Program-program 2024 kami:

Komersial & Magang Teknologi

Rasakan inovasi teknologi yang mengubah bisnis dan seluruh industri kami.

Finance Internship

Experience financial thinking on a global scale, as you support work that informs our biggest decisions.

Magang Pemasaran

Rasakan kreativitas yang menghubungkan merek kami dengan jutaan orang di seluruh dunia.

Hospitality Internship

Rasakan peluang kerja langsung dengan merek-merek besar dan tambahkan sentuhan pribadi Anda.

Other areas include Real Estate Development, Communications, Human Resources and DEI.

Whichever program you join, you’ll enjoy benefits including:


Gaji yang kompetitif.

Kerja hibrida

Hybrid working where you’ll spend Tuesday to Thursday in the office, working remotely on Mondays and Fridays.


Mentor eksekutif untuk membantu Anda membangun pengembangan profesional, kepercayaan diri, dan pengetahuan industri.

Fasilitas Hotel

Fasilitas Hotel, di mana Anda dapat melakukan perjalanan ke salah satu hotel kami dan bekerja di sana selama beberapa hari dengan potongan harga karyawan.

Experience a culture where you'll feel at home

We’re proud of our inclusive culture and diverse workforce. Throughout your internship you’ll have:


Ruang untuk Dimiliki

We’ll give you the support to do your best work and recognize your efforts and successes.

Ruang untuk Tumbuh

Kami akan menciptakan pengalaman dan peluang bagi Anda untuk berkembang baik secara pribadi maupun profesional.

Room to Make a Difference

We’ll share our passion and desire for a better world, doing impactful work that makes a real and measurable difference.

Apa yang perlu Anda terapkan

Saat ini terdaftar dalam program sarjana atau pascasarjana 

Memiliki minat terhadap industri perhotelan

Willing to relocate to Atlanta GA for the 10-week program

Seperti apa proses pendaftarannya?

Pendaftaran untuk program magang musim panas 2024 kami sekarang telah dibuka. Kami meninjau lamaran dan memberikan penawaran secara bergilir, jadi kami mendorong Anda untuk melamar segera setelah Anda menentukan bidang minat Anda dan siap untuk berpartisipasi dalam wawancara.

We will close the application process in mid-March 2024.

Join our talent community

Alternatively, you can register your interest in an internship opportunity on LinkedIn and we will be in touch.

“My internship with IHG not only ignited my passion in a new field and industry, but also provided me with the confidence to excel.  I felt like a valued member of the team and my contributions and opinions were genuinely appreciated. This experience left me very excited about accepting a full-time position with IHG.”

Lauren DeMent

“My experience at IHG’s summer internship program was a life changing one. I was able to apply skills I have developed over the years in a corporate setting, which was a full-circle moment for me. The inclusive and diverse company culture is what really set this organization apart from others.”

Jameel Ndiaye

“My internship with IHG in the Summer of 2022 expanded my knowledge on the hospitality industry and how thriving it is becoming for young professionals. The welcoming and friendly environment helped me realize that IHG was the perfect place to start my professional career.”

Shania Thompson

"My internship with IHG plunged me right in to a highly collaborative team. I was so impressed by the flexible and supportive culture - my team gave me room to grow, but also enabled me to contribute actively, even as a new member!”

Aster Koehler

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