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Oficial de seguridad 保安 主管

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2482x804-hotelde seguridad

Hotel Brand: Vignette Collection
Location: China, Shanghai

Hotel: Shanghai Snow World Hotel (SHAGN), No.1 Lane 399, Yinfei Road, Nanhui New Town, Pudong New Area, 200135

Job number: 120158

  • Responsible for the safety and security of guests, employees and establishment needs
  • 负责酒店宾客、员工及设施的安全保卫工作
  • Report to Manager all hotel property deficiencies and safety or security hazards
  • 向经理汇报酒店所有的财产损坏和安全危险问题
  • Initiate action to improve a hazardous situation immediately
  • 采取行动以便迅速处理危急情况
  • Implement procedures for security and emergency incidents
  • 执行安全和紧急事件处理程序
  • In the event of fire, be thoroughly familiar with and guided by the hotel’s emergency plan
  • 发生火灾时,应熟知并按照酒店应急事件处理要求进行工作
  • Be familiar with location of fire alarms and firefighting equipment
  • 熟悉消防报警及灭火器材的位置
  • Maintain the security system
  • 维护酒店安全系统
  • Monitor staff clocking on and off duty
  • 监督员工上下班考勤
  • Allocate staff locker keys as necessary
  • 必要时分发员工储物柜钥匙
  • Conduct random checks of key registers in telephone room, engineering, stewarding and housekeeping to ensure the hotel’s key control policy is adhered to and report on discrepancies
  • 抽查话务室、工程部、餐具储物间、客房部的钥匙登记记录,确保酒店的钥匙控制制度得以遵守并报告违背制度要求的情况
  • Maintain a 24-hour surveillance of those areas that are frequented by guests and all work areas
  • 24小时监督客人经常光临及所有工作区域的安全状况
  • Maintain a vigil on the closed-circuit TV system and inform security officer on patrol duties of any unusual happenings
  • 监督闭路监视系统并通知巡逻保安人员异常情况
  • Ensure checks are conducted on fire panel, fire hose real outlets and fire barriers and all other safety equipment and ensure that all are in good working order and report to the Safety Manager any item of equipment which is faulty
  • 定期检查火灾盘,消防水带的出水口和防火间隔等消防灭火器材及其他安全设备,确保其处于良好的工作状态,并向保安部经理汇报失效设备
  • Ensure hotel alarm system is in good working order
  • 确保酒店报警系统的正常工作
  • Maintain a good working knowledge of the following:
  • 保持良好的业务知识,包括:
  • The hotel switchboard and paying system
  • 酒店电话总机及支付系统
  • The control points and the working of the hotel’s gas and air conditioning system
  • 酒店各控制点,燃气、空调系统的正常工作
  • The hotel’s fire indicator board, fire wardens’ telephones and public address system
  • 酒店火警提示牌、火警警报电话及消防扩音系统
  • Maintain a daily log of incidents
  • 保留事故记录日志
  • Conduct regular locker checks in line with Human Resources
  • 按照酒店制度要求定期检查员工储物柜
  • Check all packages and passes of employees entering and leaving the building
  • 检查出入酒店员工的随身携带物品
  • Carry out monthly fire inspections
  • 每月进行消防检查
  • Maintain a good knowledge of the liquor act and criminal code
  • 掌握有关酗酒及犯罪管理条理
  • Prevent gambling on hotel premises 
  • 禁止在酒店内赌博行为
  • Prevent Sabotage of hotel premises 
  • 禁止毁坏酒店设施的行为
  • Ensure all outlets, fridges, cupboards etc are fully secured when not in use or unattended
  • 确保所有未被使用的电源插座、冰箱、厨柜等的安全
  • Ensure no undesirables loiter in or around the hotel premises
  • 确保不受欢迎的人员不在酒店内或酒店周围出现
  • Ensure there is no obstruction to the loading dock and that unauthorized vehicles are removed
  • 确保裝卸区无障碍,未经批准的车辆不得入内
  • Coordinate functions with other security staff or Police and other government Securities and promote good will with them           
  • 与其他保安人员或警方或政府其它安保部门协调工作,并与其建立良好关系
  • Implement the hotel policies and procedures and advise Superiors and Human Resources of action taken
  • 执行酒店的各项规章制度,并向上级领导和财务及业务支持经理提出改进建议
  • Be correct, secure and courteous in handling any disciplinary or criminal case                    
  • 正确、安全、礼貌地处理各类违规及犯罪案件
  • Be alert for any unusual packages, guests or vehicles and advise superior of same 
  • 对于异常的行李、客人或车辆保持高度警惕,并向上级领导汇报相关情况
  • Be thoroughly familiar of the property layout, design, entry and exit points
  • 熟悉酒店布局、设计及出入口的情况
  • Make way by escorting VIPs and dignitaries when directed and direct traffic away from Lobby and other busy thorough fares 
  • 按照指示对酒店重要客人及重要官员提供护卫,保证大堂及其他繁杂区域的正常秩序
  • Ensure that the safety control office is never left unattended
  • 确保安全控制办公室无缺岗情况
  • Provide escort duty for money transfers to the General Cashier’s office or bank as required
  • 按照要求对酒店与银行之间的现金转移提供护卫

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