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Unsere Kombination: Talentierte Menschen, Arbeitszufriedenheit und hervorragende Teams.
Begegnen Sie den Menschen, die Tag für Tag das Außergewöhnliche schaffen.


Katie Lay

Treffen Sie die Experience Makers

Building back smarter with Katie Lay


Giving For Good

September is our IHG Giving for Good month!  With over 65 colleagues from the IHG HR teams gathered in our global Head Quarters in Denham, UK, we rolled up our sleeves together to contribute.


Giving for Good Month

Today marks the start of Giving for Good month – our dedicated month of giving back


First ever Room to Grow Week round-up

Our first ever Room to Grow Week has proved to be a huge success. Over seven days our teams from around the globe came together for series of enriching global roundtables, workshops and discussions focused on personal and career progression.


Dr Rebecca Newton returns to turn leaders into sponsors

Our final sessions of the week welcomed back Dr Newton’s workshop took our People and HR leaders for a deep-dive into the kinds of empowering coaching conversations they can have with their teams to be truly transformational people managers

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