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Supervisor de Serviços de Hóspedes


Hotel Brand: HUALUXE
Location: China, Beijing, Kunshan

Hotel: Kunshan Huaqiao (SHAKH), Building A, No.888 Shangyin Road, Huaqiao Town, 215332

Job number: 111310

job overview职位概述

  • Responsible for the operational efficiency of all front desk areas during shift and the service delivery of this areas.  Provide timely and professional check-in/check-out services in accordance with established scripting and standards
  • 负责管理所有前台的运营效率和服务工作。根据既定的标准提供及时和专业的入住和退房等服务

At HUALUXE®, we want our guests to feel accomplished and respected.  To help them we need you to offer intuitive Chinese hospitality and:

  • Show Chinese Etiquette – by greeting our guests by extending the spirit of our signature welcome and indulge them in Chinese hospitality by being humble and discreet in observing Chinese protocol
  • Respect and Recognize – We respect and recognize guests no matter who they are and adapt to guest preferences making them feel a cut above the rest
  • Help Accomplish – by fully understanding our guests’ business and social engagement needs, and take pro-active action to exceed their expectations by efficient and accurate services


  • 尽显中华礼仪 –向客人展示我们标志性的欢迎礼,并用谦恭得体的中华待客之道来款待我们的客人
  • 表达尊重认同 – 我们尊重、认知每一位客人,我们记录客人的偏好,通过个性化的服务客人的尊贵身份
  • 协力成就事业 – 悉心洞察、领会客人商务及社交的不同需求,先行一步,力求以准确高效、超越客人期望的服务,帮助客人达成目标

Duties and Responsibilities 工作职责

  • Conducts shift briefings to ensure hotel activities and operational requirements are known 
  • 进行有效的交接班简报工作,以明确酒店活动和运营要求
  • Supervise front desk operations during assigned shift including:
  • 在当班期间监督前台运营情况,包括:
  • Maintenance of guest information
  • 维护客户信息
  • Maintenance of information about local events
  • 维护当地活动的信息
  • Compile occupancy statistics
  • 统计入住情况
  • Supervise group bookings
  • 监督团队预订情况
  • Assisting with serious complaints
  • 协助解决严重投诉问题
  • Supervise cashiering activities during shift including:
  • 在当班期间监督收银的活动,包括:
  • Cash handling and banking procedure
  • 现金处理和银行业务程序
  • Dealing with irregular payments
  • 处理非正常的付款情况
  • Instructing staff in credit policies and facilities
  • 就信用政策和设备对员工进行指导培训
  • Instructing staff in cash security procedures
  • 就现金安全程序对员工进行指导
  • Carry out debtor control
  • 实施应收帐款控制
  • Prepare reports
  • 准备财务报告
  • Supervise the cashiering system
  • 对收银系统实施监管
  • Works with Superior on manpower planning and management needs
  • 与上级领导一起进行人力规划和管理需求的讨论

At IHG, we’ve made a promise. As one of the world’s leading hotel groups, we’re here to deliver True Hospitality for Good. Making our guests and colleagues feel welcome, cared for, recognised and respected – wherever they are in the world. Want to be part of the journey?

At HUALUXE®️ Hotels and Resorts, we look for people who bring Chinese culture and heritage to life. As the first upscale international hotel brand designed around Chinese guests, our colleagues don’t just acknowledge our values, they enhance them. 

Etiquette. Rejuvenation in nature. Recognition of status. Enabling spaces. These are what our guests come for. What they expect and what we’ll enable you to deliver. In every action, every interaction, and every detail of our luxury design and service. Let's go Further Together.

Don't quite meet every single requirement, but still believe you'd be a great fit for the job? We'll never know unless you hit the 'Apply' button. Start your journey with us today and let's #GoFurtherTogether.

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