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Hotel Indigo®

Do you want to work for a boutique hotel, with the peace of mind that comes in working for one of the world’s largest hotel companies?

Hotel Indigo, our boutique brand, combines the modern design and the intimate service associated with a boutique hotel. Set to double in size to 100 properties within the next three to five years, our hotels are usually located in the ‘arty’ part of town, so perhaps we are opening in your neighbourhood?

Each Hotel Indigo is unique, and delivers a vibrant, engaging and genuine boutique experience that gives guests a real flavour of the neighbourhood – delivering an experience that is truly reflective of the local culture, character and geography.

Job roles in a Hotel Indigo include:

Front Desk/Reservations, Housekeeping, Food & Beverage.

Is Hotel Indigo the right brand for me?

We look for people who are going to inspire our guests. You’ll be curious by nature and go out of your way to discover what is going on in the local neighbourhood and make the effort to share this with guests. If you have the confidence to share these unique stories in detail with energy and enthusiasm that makes guests go “wow”, “really?”, “I never knew that”, “I’m going to explore!”, then Hotel Indigo could be the brand for you.

Above all, we look for people who are warm, courteous, friendly and approachable so guests feel inspired to engage with you, ask questions and share their requirements and preferences so they get a truly personalised experience. 

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“At Hotel Indigo we love to take our guests on a journey of discovery. We look for people who inspire them to step out and explore; people who have their finger on the pulse of the neighbourhood and have the confidence to share what they know”

All of you at IHG

IHG truly is a great place to work. Despite our size, there is a feeling of being part of something special, something successful. Our people are united in being proud to work for IHG. And we’re proud of them too. We love everything they bring to IHG. Their individual hopes, dreams and interests have made us the company we are today. When you join us, we want you to bring that spark that makes us even better. So we’ll help you become the best that you can be – giving you room to have a great start, get involved and grow. More importantly, we’ll give you room to be yourself – allowing your ideas and ambitions to flourish.

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