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2482x804 Comunicaciones
2482x804 Comunicaciones

Marca del hotel: InterContinental
Ubicación: China, Guangdong, Foshan

Hotel: Foshan Dongping (ZCPFD), 8 Wenhua South Road, Lecong, Distrito de Shunde,, 528300

Número de trabajo: 108398


Responsible for supervising the stewarding operation during shift and for cleaning and maintaining food and beverage premises to high hygienic standards.


Adhere to local regulations concerning health, safety, or other compliance requirements, as well as brand standards and local policies and procedures.  



At InterContinental Hotels & Resorts® we want our guests to feel special, cosmopolitan and In the Know which means we need you to:

·Be charming by being approachable, having confidence and showing respect.

·Stay in the moment by understanding and anticipating guests’ needs, being attentive and taking ownership of getting things done.

·Make it memorable by being knowledgeable, sharing stories and showing your style to create moments that make people feel special.







· Assist the Supervisor to ensure hygiene in all Food & Beverage Outlets and Kitchen. Maintain

· service and kitchen equipment in good condition.

· 协助主管确保所有餐厅和厨房高标准的卫生清洁。保持服务和厨房设备状况良好。

· Organize Mise en Place作好餐前准备

· Check dish washing area and dish washing machine in good condition

· 检查洗碗间及洗碗机准备情况

· Check pot washing area in order

· 检查洗锅间准备情况

· Arrange staff meal

· 安排员工就餐

· Manage the receiving and storage of kitchen goods

· 管理厨房物品的签收和保管

· Maintaining superior conditions of all equipment in the department.

· 维护所有的瓷器、玻璃器具、餐具及不锈钢用品

· Clean and Maintain Equipment and Premises

· 清洁并管理设备及工作区

· Supervise the cleaning and storage of kitchen and restaurant equipment

· 负责厨房、餐厅设备的清洁和保管

· Supervise the cleaning of the premises

· 负责厨房工作区的卫生

· Oversee the removal of waste

· 负责垃圾的清理

· Ensure all silverware is polished.

· 确保所有银器保持标准的光泽度

· Maintain Hygienic Standards and Practices

· 维持卫生标准和习惯

· Ensure all the staff to carry out the task according to the S&P

· 确保员工按照标准与程序完成任务

· Maintain a hygienic kitchen

· 维持一个清洁的厨房

· Clean the kitchen and equipment

· 清洁厨房和设备

· Maintain personal hygiene

· 维持个人卫生

· Assistant Supervisor to control procedures for reducing breakage’s and loss of equipment

· 协助主管控制餐具破损及设备遗失

· Assists in the monthly stocktaking in stores and outlets

· 协助对库房及餐厅进行盘点

· Ensure using correct quantities of chemicals

· 监督正确使用化学药品

· Ensure operate cleaning equipment correctly

· 监督正确使用清洁机器设备

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