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EVEN® Hotels

Explore EVEN Hotels - a brand for guests seeking balance. Each property has wellness built in, so visitors can stay happy, fit and healthy while they travel. Where wellness is built in.

Joining healthy lifestyles with our extraordinary world

EVEN® Hotels are more than places to stay. They offer a range of services for wellness-minded travellers in areas such as Keeping Active, Resting Easy, Eating Well and Accomplishing More.

From fitness videos on the brand’s mobile app to the Wellness Wall at every property, a stay at an EVEN hotel blends holistic health and fitness with superb hospitality. With nine EVEN hotels and more in the pipeline, the brand is set to grow.



Where hospitality meets holistic health and happiness

At EVEN Hotels, wellness is built in. We strive to keep guests healthy and happy when they’re away from home. Each hotel has an elite team of wellness-savvy staff, who are ready to share their knowledge but also bring a personal touch. Energetic and friendly? You’ll thrive at EVEN.

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