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02/25/2020 IHG Careers Team

IHG: Making guests’ dreams come true


At IHG no day is exactly the same, that’s the beauty of hotel life. However, there is a routine that most of our people will try and stick to. This ensures their shift runs smoothly while staying motivated to provide the best experience possible to their guests.

However, it’s often the little moments in between the hectic structure of the day that are most memorable, and create the most rewarding memories for both our team and guest.

We’re an organisation powered by our passion to deliver a unique and personable service to each and every one of our guests. Whether they’re staying in a room for a night or two, or simply having a cup of coffee, we love nothing more than giving our guests’ the best experience across IHG.

So without further ado, why not see for yourself some of our colleague's most memorable stories and how they’ve made their guests’ dreams come true. 

Name: Faizal
Job title: Assistant Security Manager, Holiday Inn

Story: When I first started in 2011, my Real Story submission was featured in the Merlin website. I was delighted as everyone in IHG would be able to read my story on the website and that my job does not restrict me to security and safety duties alone, but enables me to contribute to a great guest experience too. 

Job title: Bar Attendant, Holiday Inn 

Story: The night we broke our daily sales record was unbelievably busy, so much so you could barely walk in the bar. But the best part was that regardless of how busy it was everyone was so happy (guests and the team) and we were all working so well together that it just created such an amazing atmosphere in the bar.

Job title: Food & Beverage, Crowne Plaza 

Story: My favourite memory of working here was the time where the restaurant still used to have a patio that was home to a grand piano. During breakfast, I would sometimes play the piano. One day, there was a big group of women who were sitting on the patio listening to me playing the piano and they started singing along. That was a lot of fun and showed me how hospitality is all about chemistry and the relationship with the guest.

So this final story from Sukhontip doesn’t necessarily concern guests, but rather employees. We thought ending on this note would show just how important making time to tell stories of internal teams is too.


Name:  Sukhontip
Job title: Guest Experience Specialist, Holiday Inn 

Story: It’s hard to pick one memory, there are so many fun days at this hotel and unforgettable memories with my team members, but the one that comes to mind now was when we organised a BBQ lunch cooked by the GM for all hotel staff. We all got the chance to get together in one place at the same time!

It’s exactly these kinds of stories that demonstrate what IHG stands for as an organisation. These stories are what make us world class employers and it’s down to the individuals that make up our worldwide organisation.

Gaining experience in hospitality can be the most rewarding way to develop memories, especially when you make a guest’s day!

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