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Director of Revenue


Hotel Brand: Six Senses
Location: Japan, Kyoto, Kyoto-shi

Hotel: Kyoto (UKYSS), 431 Myohoinmaekawa-cho, Higashiyama-ku, 605-0932

Job number: 116731

Duties and Responsibilities  

As Revenue Director, I will assume full responsibility for the efficient operation of the Revenue/ Reservations department to provide exceptional products and services within brand operating standards.

The duties and responsibilities will include:  

Continually focus on revenue generation and profile building for our resort and spa and for Six Senses.  Be responsible for the setup of PMS & CRS to guide and evaluate the room selling strategies.  Setup the inventory availability, pricing and daily fluctuations that will be discussed with the Director of Sales & Marketing (DOSM) and coordinated with the reservations team for selling guidelines.  Develop overall pricing strategies along with the Director of Sales & Marketing (DOSM) and Group Director of Revenue Management to ensure all target market segments are developed for the long-term benefit of the property’s business and growth.  Have a thorough knowledge of all facilities and services offered by the hotel including type of rooms available as well as their location and layout, selling status, rates, and benefits of all packages plans, credit policy of the hotel and reservation coding.  Process advance deposits on reservations.  Track future room availabilities based on reservations.  Decide and implement free allotment releases and close outs for the resorts by category and update this information in all channels to gain maximum effect and maintain a smooth selling process.  Review all competitive shops on a regular basis and identify selling strategies and market trends of the competition set.  I will countercheck all reservations daily to ensure they are completed with all necessary guest information, profile information and rate/market/source codes.  Continually focus on reviewing cancellations, adjustments, no-shows as well as groups, blocks and allotments.  Ensure that all set policies, procedures, best practices are in place and rigorously enforced.  

Liaise and develop sales strategies with the Director of Food and Beverage and Spa & Wellness Director to maximize the revenue across all revenue streams ensuring all distribution channels are optimized and correctly loaded. I will also monitor pick-up patterns, lead times, business and market trends.      

Instill a cost-focused philosophy through training and education.  

Operate the property consistent with all legal, statutory and financial requirements and documentation, reporting systems, contractual obligations, security and safety protocols, communications, product and service standards, host management practices and budgetary controls are implemented, reviewed and maintained to ensure the successful operation of the hotel.  


私はRevenue Directorとして、ブランド運用基準内で優れた製品とサービスを提供するために、Revenue/Reservations部門の効率的な運営の全責任を負います。任務と責任には以下のものが含まれる。

私たちのリゾートやスパ、シックス・センスの収益創出とプロファイル構築に継続的に注力します。PMS&CRSの設定を担当して、部屋の販売戦略を指導および評価します。販売・マーケティング部長 (DOSM) と協議し、販売ガイドラインのために予約チームと調整する在庫の可用性、価格設定、および日次変動を設定します。すべてのターゲット市場セグメントが不動産のビジネスと成長の長期的な利益のために開発されることを確実にするために、セールス&マーケティング担当ディレクター (DOSM) と収益管理担当グループディレクターと共に、全体的な価格戦略を策定する。








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