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行政副管家 Помічник виконавчого економа


Hotel Brand: Holiday Inn
Location: China, Beijing

Готель: Kunshan Huaqiao (SHAHQ), Building B, No.888 Shangyin Road, Huaqiao Town

Номер вакансії: 109474

job overview概述

  • Supervise and inspect the work of assigned room and/or public area attendants to ensure product quality standards are met and that optimum service is provided to hotel guests according to hotel and company business objectives. Acts on behalf of the Executive Housekeeper in his / her absence as assigned
  • 监督和检查分配给客房和公共区域的工作,按酒店和公司业务目标确保符合产品的质量标准,为酒店客人提供卓越的服务。在行政管家缺席时代理其工作


At HUALUXE®, we want our guests to feel accomplished and respected.  To help them we need you to offer intuitive Chinese hospitality and:

  • Show Chinese Etiquette – by greeting our guests by extending the spirit of our signature welcome and indulge them in Chinese hospitality by being humble and discreet in observing Chinese protocol.
  • Respect and Recognize – We respect and recognize guests no matter who they are and adapt to guest preferences making them feel a cut above the rest.
  • Help Accomplish – by fully understanding our guests’ business and social engagement needs, and take pro-active action to exceed their expectations by efficient and accurate services.


  • 尽显中华礼仪 –向客人展示我们标志性的欢迎礼,并用谦恭得体的中华待客之道来款待我们的客人。
  • 表达尊重认同 – 我们尊重、认知每一位客人,我们记录客人的偏好,通过个性化的服务客人的尊贵身份
  • 协力成就事业 – 悉心洞察、领会客人商务及社交的不同需求,先行一步,力求以准确高效、超越客人期望的服务,帮助客人达成目标。

Duties and Responsibilities工作职责

  • Monitors Housekeeping personnel to ensure guests receive prompt and courteous service
  • 监督客房部工作人员,确保客人得到及时和礼貌的服务。
  • Monitor Housekeeping personnel to ensure rooms, and particularly those of IHG Rewards Club members, known repeat guests and other VIP’s receive special attention
  • 监督客房部工作人员,确保客房,特别是优悦会会员、熟客和其它贵宾的客房得到特别重视。
  • Informs other operating departments of Housekeeping matters, which concern notably the Front Office, to ensure accurate room status, in addition to communicating with Engineering and the Laundry
  • 除与工程部和洗衣房进行沟通外,还要向其它业务部门,特别是确保前厅部了解准确的客房状况。
  • Schedules routine inspections by supervisors, of all housekeeping areas including occupied and non-occupied rooms Inspects guest rooms in all Housekeeping areas on a regular basis to ensure furnishing, facilities and equipment are clean and in good repair, well maintained and replaced / refurbished as required
  • 定期对所有客房区域进行视察,以确保家具、设施和设备按要求得到良好的清洁、修缮、保养更换和整修。
  • Appraise appearance, discipline and efficiency of all staff under direct supervision and initiate immediate remedial action if necessary
  • 对所有直属下级的仪容仪表、守纪情况和工作效率进行评估。如有必要,可直接采取纠正措施。
  • Follows up on progress of agenda items covered in regular meetings
  • 跟进日常所提及的其他需要跟进的客房部的日常事务。
  • Works with the  Executive Housekeeper on routine cleaning programs including spring cleans, etc
  • 与行政管家一起管理例行清扫活动,包括春季大清扫等。
  • Acts on behalf of the Executive Housekeeper in his / her absence as assigned
  • 当行政管家缺席时代理其工作。
  • Supervise the implementation of housekeeping standards and procedures in relation to:
  • 监督客房部各项标准和工作程序的执行:
  • Recommended changes to these standards and training needs on an ongoing basis
  • 就这些标准和培训需求提供持续性的改进建议。
  • Maintain a current and thorough knowledge of all housekeeping systems
  • 对客房部所有系统有最新和完整的知识。
  • Responsible for entering accurate room status into computer daily and investigate discrepancies
  • 负责每天将客房情况准确的输入电脑并调查各种异常情况。
  • Maintains and update administrative data
  • 维护和更新管理数据。
  • Open and close the shift and ensure effective shift hand over
  • 负责管理接班和交班工作,以确保交接班过程的有效进行。
  • Maintains working area and equipment in a proper state of cleanliness and repair
  • 确保工作区域和设备得到良好的清洁和修缮。
  • Report guest complaints to Executive Housekeeper or delegate immediately
  • 及时向行政管家或其代理人汇报客人的投诉情况。
  • Solve employee grievances
  • 解决员工受到的不公正待遇问题。
  • Perform Room allocations
  • 分配客房
  • Perform Room inspections
  • 检查客房
  • Prioritise arrival rooms
  • 排列抵店客人客房的优先顺序。
  • Liaise with Front Office for guest and hotel requirements
  • 配合前台满足酒店和客人的要求。
  • Ensure guest valet is processed and delivered in a timely manner
  • 确保及时为客人提供洗衣服务并送还。
  • Co-ordinate special projects (e.g. site rooms, vermin control, window and carpet cleaning, room inventories)
  • 协调特别项目(如参观客房,除虫,窗户和地毯的清洁,客房供应量)
  • Manage all special requests made by guests
  • 处理客人所有的特殊要求
  • Ensure consistency within the department
  • 确保部门内工作的一致性
  • Management of lost property for the hotel
  • 管理酒店的遗失财物
  • Ensure you have complete knowledge of room types, layouts and facilities
  • 确保具有客房类型,设计和设施的全面知识
  • Manage storage areas
  • 管理仓库
  • Maintain adequate stock levels
  • 保存充足的用品存货
  • Complete stock takes as required
  • 按要求完成库存盘点工作
  • Maintain stock levels
  • 维持存货水平
  • Conducts shift briefings to ensure hotel activities and operational requirements are known
  • 进行交接班说明,确保了解酒店的工作和运营需求
  • Works with Superior on manpower planning and management needs
  • 与上级领导一起进行人力规划和管理需求

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