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IT Yöneticisi - Crowne Plaza

Otel Markası: Crowne Plaza
Konum: Anakara Çin, Hubei, Shennongjia

Otel: HPGSH - Crowne Plaza Shennongjia

Job number: HOTEL47585

About Us

Essential Duties and Responsibilities – (Key Activities of the role) 主要职责﹣(职务的主要工作) Manages and monitors the operation of all computer hardware, ensures all systems are working and installed properly, and serves as the primary contact for servicing the computer hardware 监督和管理酒店的所有计算机硬件设施的运行,确保所有系统的正确安装和使用,是酒店电脑硬件设施的主要联系人。 Ensures that all systems are covered by the proper maintenance contracts and that preventive maintenance is performed as required 确保所有系统均具备维修保养合同,并按照要求进行日常的预防性维护工作。 Continually keeps informed of IHG-approved systems and technology that may contribute to improve hotel efficiency, including, but not limited to 应不断了解洲际酒店集团批准认可的那些能夠提高酒店的运营效率的信息系统及技术, 包括但不限于: oComputer Hardware systems and devices including PC LAN technology. 计算机硬件系统及设施,包括计算机局域网技术 oSoftware operating and utility systems. 计算机软件应用系统 oFront Office and Accounts Receivable Property Management Systems. 前厅部和应收帐款酒店管理系统 oInterfaces to and from Front Office Property Management Systems and other Systems. 与前厅部管理系统和其他系统的接口技术 oBack Office Accounting Systems. 办公区的财务管理系统 oPC and LAN based Office Automation products. 与计算机和局域网技术有关的的办公自动化产品 oInternal and External Electronic Mail / Facsimile / Scanner software and communication tools. 内外部电子邮件、传真、扫描软件及其它通讯工具 oHolidex Plus / Priority Club / Six Continents Club / Frequent Flyer Corporate databases. Holidex Puls 预订系统,优悦会奖励计划,六洲俱乐部和常飞计划的公司数据库 oPoint Of Sale Systems. 售货点销售系统 oGuest and Administration Voicemail. 客人和行政管理的语音留言系统 oCall Accounting. 电话计费系统 oPABX systems. 内部电话机交换系统 oCabling. 布线技术 oHub / Switch Management Systems. 集线器和交换机管理系统 oElectronic Door Locking Computer System.  电子门禁系统 oComputer Virus protection.  计算机病毒防护 oHotel IT Security and Firewalls 酒店信息技术的安全和防火墙技术 Provide a monthly written progress report to the Director/Manager of Finance and Business Support, with copies to department heads 每月向财务及业务支持总监或经理及其它相关部门主管领导提供书面工作进展报告 Maintain an up-to-date list of all computer hardware 保持最新的计算机硬件产品清单 Manages the configuration reports, job control languages, program files and data files on the computer system(s) to ensure maximum operating efficiency 管理计算机系统配置报告、程序控制语言、程序文件及数据文件,确保系统最高效地运行 Monitors the performance of the software and maintains a log book of performance report eg; through systems measurement facility/utility, error and integrity check reports, system malfunction and solutions 监督软件的运行状态,通过系统测评技术,记录系统故障及错误,形成系统运行报告,并解决相应问题

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Oversees the administration and efficiency enhancements of accounting and Finance applications ensuring data integrity across all systems 管理和提升会计和财务应用程序使用效率,确保所有系统的数据真实和完整 Identifies areas of improvement to IT policy and leads advancement in operations through standardization in systems, processes and tools of record management, user access management and IT security audit based on hotel reviews 识别 IT 政策的改进空间,根据酒店的意见,通过对记录管理、用户访问管理和 IT 安全审核的系统、流程和工具进行标准化,带头改善运营状况 Identifies areas of improvements to advance current delivery model including financial data processing efficiency, control and reporting requirements 识别可改善当前交付模式的进步空间,包括财务数据处理效率、控制和报告要求 Coaches others in the most effective ways of leveraging data and reporting capabilities to provide strategic commercial advisory 传授其他人最高效的数据使用方式和报告能力,以便提供战略商务咨询 Be proactive in adding competitive advantage to business and improving user experience through suggesting newly appropriate IT solutions 通过举荐适宜的新型 IT 解决方案,积极为企业增添竞争优势,改进用户体验

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