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Pazarlama ve İletişim Direktörü 市场 传媒 总监

Otel Markası: InterContinental Hotels
Yer: Çin Anakarası, Hainan, Sanya

Otel: SYXIC - InterContinental Sanya Haitang Bay Resort

Job number: HOTEL49791

About Us

•Manage the key Marketing Communication processes at hotel including Marketing Planning, Collateral and Advertising Production, Content Management, Public Relations, Promotion and Events and Social Media according to IHG Marketing Communications standard operating procedures 根据IHG市场传讯标准操作流程,管理酒店的重要市场传讯活动,包括:市场推广计划、印刷品与广告的设计制作、内容管理、公共关系、酒店推广及活动和社交媒体。 •Deliver and execute an annual Marketing Plan for all hotel events, public and media relations, loyalty and channel marketing and other marketing activities 制定并执行酒店的所有活动,公共和媒体关系,忠诚度和渠道营销以及其他市场推广活动的全年计划。 •Develop media contacts, manage media relations, and organize media activities to promote good publicity and drive hotel awareness. 发展良好的媒体关系,策划新闻发布会以及其它公关活动。代表酒店与媒体沟通,以促进良好的公关形象,提高酒店知名度和抵销负面影响。 •Build continued hotel awareness by delivering new hotel stories and press releases of promotion or event to media, trade publications and local community 通过发送新的酒店报道、推广或活动的新闻稿给媒体、商业刊物和本地社区,建立持续的酒店知名度。 •Manage hotel events including budgeting, guest list, agenda/programme, media participation, photography/video and gifts 管理酒店的市场活动,包括预算,客人名单、议程/计划、媒体参与、摄影/视频及礼品。 •Develop hotel and marketing collaterals according to Brand standards for promotions 根据品牌标准,设计并制作酒店和市场推广的宣传印刷品。 •Manage IHG Hotel Content Manager system to update text and images that optimizes the content quality and best represents the Brand standards 管理IHG酒店HCM内容管理系统,更新文字和图像,优化内容质量并最好地呈现品牌标准。 •Manage hotel image database from official hotel photos, event photos, staff photos to use in hotel promotion 管理酒店图像数据库包括官方酒店照片、活动照片和员工照片等,用于酒店推广 •Manage hotel social media system and processes to support tactical campaigns, engage hotel guests and build hotel client database 管理酒店社会化媒体平台,支持策略性促销活动,建立酒店客户数据库。 •Manage the reputation and awareness of the hotel and Brand in the local city and key feeder markets 管理酒店和品牌在当地城市和主要客源市场中的声誉和知名度 •Monitor awareness of competitor activities and use the information to develop Marketing strategies 关注竞争对手的知名度及推广活动并在制定策略时充分利用信息。

Your day to day

Required Skills 技能要求 •Demonstrated ability to interact with and present to customers, employees and third parties that reflects highly on the hotel, owning company, the Brand and IHG. 展示与客户,员工和第三方之间互动与表述的能力,充分诠释酒店,业主公司、品牌和IHG。 •Proven ability to lead, manage and motivate a team 领导、管理和激励团队的实践能力。 •Able to manage projects with different financial budgets and performance objectives 能够以不同的财务预算和绩效目标,管理项目。 •Strong time-management skills and able to multi-task 较强的时间管理技巧,能够处理多重任务 •Strong writing skills in Chinese and English 较强的中英文书写表达技巧 •Proficient in the use of all Microsoft Office software 熟练使用所有的Microsoft办公软件 •Proven ability to work with external vendors to deliver objectives 能够与外部供应商合作,实现目标的实践能力 Qualifications 学历 •Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Mass Communications, Media or related field.市场营销、大众传播、媒体或相关专业的学士学位。 Experience 经验 •At least 3 years of relevant work experience or 4 years of combined university education and work-related experience. 至少3年的相关工作经验或4年的大学教育和工作经验等效结合。
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