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Kredi Müdürü 信贷 经理

Otel Markası: InterContinental Hotels
Yer: Anakara Çin, Guangdong, Zhuhai

Job number: HOTEL49788

About Us

• Ensure adherence to the hotel’s credit policy 确保遵守酒店的信贷制度。 • Reports directly to and communicates with the Director of Finance and Business Support on all matters pertaining to credit and collection of guest and city ledger accounts 直接向财务和业务支持总监汇报并沟通所有与客户帐户和挂账有关的收款和信贷事宜。 • Cooperates, coordinates and communicates with guests and other departments in matters concerning issuance of credit, follow up outstanding accounts and assisting with credit requirements 与顾客和其它部门合作,协調和交流有关信贷发放的相关事宜,跟进欠款帐目并协助处理信贷申请 • Liaises closely with the City Ledger Supervisor in reviewing and maintaining the Aged Trial Balance of Accounts Receivable 和应收主管紧密合作,负责检查和维护应收帐款的帐龄 • Monitors the special billing arrangements for groups and conventions as required to ensure that postings are in line with customer requirements 监控团体和会议的特殊帐目安排要求,确定入帐符合顾客的需求 • Reviews city ledger daily for correct postings of charges and take corrective action where necessary 每天检查挂帐记录的准确性,并进行必要的纠正 • Monitor and pursue collection of overdue accounts 监控并跟进逾期未付账户的收款 • Review bad debts listing monthly to prepare collectability analysis for monthly provision for doubtful debts 每月进行坏账清单审核,并为每月的坏账准备金准备坏账收回可能性分析 • Respond to and resolve account queries in conjunction with accounts receivable 联合应收账款对账目询问进行回应和解释 • Assists in control and collection of outstanding guest and city ledger accounts 协助对欠款的客户账号和城市分类账进行控制和收取账款 • Prepare management reports for month end analysis and provide documentation for credit meeting 为月末分析准备管理报告,并为信贷会议提供文件 • Review provision, write-offs and other adjustments immediately prior to month end 月底前审核当月计提的坏帐准备,坏帐注销及其它调整 • Conduct monthly credit meeting with relevant IHG team highlighting monthly performance, bad debts, staff accounts outstanding and discuss any accounts causing concern and follow up 与洲际集团相关人员组织月度信贷会议,突出当月信贷实施情况,坏账和员工挂帐显著的情况,并对任何涉及跟进的账目进行讨论 • Assists in maintaining and preparing accurate and timely financial and operating information with emphasis on the Aged Trial Balance of Accounts Receivable 协助准备和提供准确和最新的财务和运营信息,重点强调应收帐款的帐龄 • Assists in providing safe keeping, including proper storage and access, for all contracts, leases and other financial records 协助安全存放所有合同,租约和其他财务记录,包括适当的存放和存取。 • Maintains professional and technical competence 保持专业技术水平 • Assists in implementing and maintaining acceptable accounting practices and procedures as required by IHG policies and procedures, generally accepted accounting practices and as affected by local conditions 协助按照洲际酒店集团的规章制度,公共会计准则和当地适用条款的规定执行和维护认可的会计工作准则和会计程序。 • Works with Superior on manpower planning and management needs 与上级一起制定人力资源规划和管理需求。 • Works with Superior in the preparation and management of the department’s budget 与上级一起编制和管理部门预算。

Your day to day

• Demonstrated ability to interact with customers, employees and third parties that reflects highly on the hotel, the brand and the Company. 完全代表酒店,品牌和公司与顾客,员工和第三方交往的能力。 • Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office 熟练使用微软窗口软件 • Problem solving, reasoning, motivating, organizational and training abilities. 具有解决问题,推理,号召,组织和培训能力 • Good writing skills 良好的写作技能 • Bachelor’s degree or Diploma in Accounting, Finance or related field. 具有会计,财务或相关领域的学士学位或毕业证书
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