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行政办公室助理 Executive Office Assistant

Otel Markası: InterContinental Hotels
Konum: Anakara Çin, Fujian, Xiamen

Otel: XMNLR - InterContinental Xiamen

Job number: HOTEL49662

About Us



  • Maintains the utmost confidentiality and discretion when handling business affairs

  • 在处理业务时最大限度的保守机密并小心谨慎。

  • Cooperates, coordinates and communicates with Department Heads and other inter-departmental secretaries as appropriate

  • 必要时配合,协调各部门领导和其它部门的秘书的工作并与他们进行沟通。

  • Supervises the work of the Finance Office staff

  • 监督办公室员工的工作

  • Day-to-day secretarial work to include typing, filing, faxes and telephone etc.

  • 日常文秘工作包括打字,整理文件,传真和接听电话等。

  • Distribution of memos, letters and other information etc.

  • 分发备忘录,信件和其它信息等。

  • Arranging internal / external appointments

  • 安排内外会见。

  • Handling reservation as requested

  • 必要时预订客房。

  • Translating incoming letters, documents, articles by request

  • 必要时翻译来信,文件和文章。

  • Provides pertinent information on socio-political matters

  • 针对社会政治问题提供相关信息。

  • Storing and keeping all confidential information

  • 保存和保守所有保密信息。

  • Preparing monthly operational results for meetings with other hotels

  • 为与其它酒店的会议准备月度运营结果报告。

  • Taking minutes of Department meeting as requested

  • 需要时为部门会议作会议记录。

  • Develops and maintains current payroll processing procedures

  • 制定并执行最新的工资发放程序。

  • Maintains confidentiality at all times and maintains strict practice of office lock up and security of information

  • 随时遵守保密条款,并严格执行办公室上锁和信息安全制度。

  • Verify the leave entitlement for all leave requests prior to approval

  • 在审批前查验所有休假申请可享有的假期长度。

  • Co-ordinates with outside data processing company as requested

  • 按要求配合公司以外的数据处理公司的工作。

  • Coordinates with other departments as necessary

  • 需要时配合其它部门的工作。

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