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资深 业务 拓展 经理


Hotel Brand: Holiday Inn
Location: China, Fujian

Otel: Putian Xiuyu (FOCPU), No. 108 Qingtang Yolu, Xiuyu Bölgesi

İş numarası: 107474

Duties and Responsibilities工作职责

  • Monitors competitors activities and assists in marketing intelligence.
  • 监督竞争对手的活动并协助监察市场动态。
  • Sells to new, existing and prospective customers considering goals set forth in the sales strategy, negotiating optimum rate for the benefit of the business.
  • 根据在销售策略中既定目标,向新的、现有的、有可能的客户进行销售,并与其谈判商定最适合的价格以争取最大的利润。
  • Services existing business through management of account bases.
  • 通过客户管理,向现有的客户提供服务。
  • Sell all facets of the hotel.
  • 销售酒店的所有设施。
  • Manage the corporate head office and the preferred hotel history for that company.
  • 管理公司总部档案和了解公司优先使用的酒店记录。
  • Develop and maintain a regular pattern of sales calls, meeting with principals of target market .
  • 设立和保持定期的销售拜访模式,与目标市场的主要人物会面。
  • Procures new and repeat business for the hotel by monitoring contact with airlines, travel agencies, corporate, OTA, meeting and exhibition organizer, government and professional associations within local, domestic and international markets. Maintains contact with planners, corporate accounts, incentive buyers, airlines and wholesalers, through personal sales calls, telephone contacts and written communications.
  • 与当地的、国内的和国际市场上的航空公司、旅行社、公司、网络第三方、会议及展会组织者,政府和行业协会保持联系,以发展新客户及保持老客户。通过个人销售拜访、电话和书面交流等与策划者、企业客户销售人员、奖励购买者、航空公司、批发商等保持联系
  • Builds profile within local market place through attendance at various events and local market place.
  • 通过参与当地市场的各种活动在当地市场上树立良好形象。
  • Conduct client interviews.
  • 对客户进行拜访。
  • Entertain clients.
  • 招待客户。
  • Plan and conduct familiarization tours and site inspections.
  • 策划并实施使客人熟悉环境的现场考察活动。
  • Travel when required to promote the hotel and develop potential business.
  • 需要时出差对酒店进行推销,发展潜在的业务机会。
  • Maintain regular contact with the IHG hotels in your region and the regional reservation office.
  • 与所在区域内的洲际酒店集团成员和区域预订办公室保持定期联系。
  • Monitors existing business and inputs into sales strategy meetings to maximize business .
  • 监测现有业务,并在销售策略会上提出建议以扩大业务。
  • Grows existing business and establishes and pursues leads which will develop business.
  • 发展现有业务,并建立和寻找发展业务的机会。
  • Interfaces with operations on a timely basis.
  • 及时与运营部门进行沟通。
  • Initiates and prepares tenders for business.
  • 起动和筹备业务招标工作。
  • Assesses sales and marketing data,
  • 评估市场销售数据。
  • Assists with the preparation of new products and services,
  • 协助新产品和服务的准备工作。
  • Implement direction from Director of Sales and Marketing and Regional Managers.
  • 按市场销售总监与地区经理们的指示执行相关工作。

Required Skills –


  • Demonstrated ability to interact with customers, employees and third parties that reflects highly on the hotel, the brand and the Company.
  • 具有代表酒店,品牌和公司与顾客,员工和第三方交往的能力。
  • Problem solving, reasoning, motivating, organizational and training abilities.
  • 具有解决问题,推理,号召,组织和培训能力
  • Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office.
  • 精通微软办公软件
  • Good writing skills.
  • 良好的写作技能

Qualifications –


  • Bachelor’s degree in Sales, Marketing or related field. 
  • 具有营销,市场或相关领域的学士学位。

Experience –


  • 3 years of relevant experience or an equivalent combination of education and work-related experience.
  • 3年相关工作经验或类似的管理经验,或与此相当的教育与工作经验结合的背景。

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