Supporting colleagues - External links

Supporting Colleagues - External Resources

External links

The following sites offer free to use content, to help us all navigate this new normal:

Mental wellbeing

Apple Podcast: Feel better, Live well: Dr Chattergee: This CoronaVirus Special, featuring Dr Judson Brewer, covers ‘How to Manage Anxiety in the Face of A Global Pandemic’

Apple Podcast: CtrlAltDelete. Emma Gannon is joined by psychotherapist and anxiety expert Anna Mathur, to discuss how to deal with anxiety and anxious feelings.

Apple Podcast: Kombucha & Colour. A special episode on dealing with feelings of loss and grief during times of Coronavirus

Ted Podcast: We don’t have to fight loneliness alone. Organisational psychologist Adam Grant discusses loneliness and ways to build real connections.

Meditation Site : Insight Timer has over 30,000 guided meditations (including for children) and includes a meditation timer that can set to play sounds for as long as you want to meditate

Mindfulnes app: Headspace has hundreds of guided meditations on everything from stress to focus to relationships. The free 'Basics' course covers the essentials of mindfulness and the new collection ‘Weathering the Storm’, aims to help those who may be struggling during the current situation.

Adult colouring: has over 1,500 free adult colouring drawings to help you block out all that’s going on and truly focus on the present.


Physical wellbeing

Podcast: Sleep with Me, the one-of-a-kind bedtime story podcast combines the pain of insomnia with the relief of laughing and turns it into a unique storytelling podcast.

Yoga: Yoga With Adriene is a popular channel for people of all levels. You can try the 30 day yoga challenge to help you to commit to a month of activity.

Strength-training: has plenty of bodyweight workouts you can do anywhere in the world, without any equipment.

HIIT and boxing: Planet Fitness is streaming daily ‘home work-ins’ on their YouTube channel, featuring trainers and celebrity guests.

Exercise app: Strava can be used to track journeys when walking, running or cycling.


LinkedIn Learning Paths

To help navigate these challenging times, LinkedIn Learning is offering free learning paths to help:

Working remotely resources

Managing stress and building mindfulness

Building resilience in challenging times

Influencing positive change in times of crisis


Activities during lockdown

Cooking: The Kitchn Cooking School has taken a ’20 lessons in 20 days’ approach to helping people on the journey to becoming a great cook. The site also has thousands of recipes, meal prep plans and weekly menus.

Cooking: BBC Food Techniques covers a variety of preparation and cooking techniques across a wide spectrum of ingredients

Cooking: SuperCook allows you to add your ingredients and instantly find matching recipes from the most popular cooking websites

Learn a language: Duolingo offers bite-sized lessons in 30+ languages

Learn the basics of coding: Codecademy offers 180 hours of content for free

Supporting Colleagues During Covid-19

Visit our dedicated Covid-19 support page to learn more about our range of materials dedicated to assisting colleagues.

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