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Бренд отеля: Six Senses
Месторасположение: Япония, Киото, Киото-ши

Hotel: Kyoto (UKYSS), 431 Myohoinmaekawa-cho, Higashiyama-ku, 605-0932

Номер вакансии: 118007

As Housekeeping Supervisor, I will fully comprehend the vision of Six Senses to help people reconnect with themselves, others and the world around them and our values of local sensitivity and global sensibility, crafted experiences, emotional hospitality, responsible and caring, fun and quirky and pioneering wellness.  

Sustainability, Wellness and Out of the Ordinary experiences are at the core of everything we do at Six Senses. I will safeguard these pillars and ensure full knowledge and active participation of all our brand initiatives. 

Duties and Responsibilities  

As Housekeeping Supervisor, I will assume full responsibility for the efficient operation in the following:  
 ・Handle and assist in department training and orientation of all new hosts and regular trainings to Housekeeping hosts to improve job performance, meet guidelines and standards of service and operation.  
 ・Demonstrate to Housekeeping hosts how to perform each task in job description according to hotel service standard.   
 ・Maintain regular and effective communication with other departments to ensure the smooth operation of housekeeping functions.  
 Monitor daily arrivals according to occupancy report in co-ordination with the Laundry and Housekeeping management.  
 ・Supervise and inspect the work of Housekeeping hosts ensuring high standard of order, hygiene, sanitation, cleanliness and aesthetic value throughout all service areas and assist when necessary.   
 ・Ensure Housekeeping office and all storage facilities of housekeeping are kept in good condition and order. 
 ・Upkeep Six Senses guidelines and standards of service and operation. My performance benchmarks are maintained and exceeded.  
 ・Strictly adhere to LQA standards and guest comments.







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