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Менеджер по хозяйству


Бренд отеля: Six Senses
Месторасположение: Япония, Киото, Киото-ши

Hotel: Kyoto (UKYSS), 431 Myohoinmaekawa-cho, Higashiyama-ku, 605-0932

Job number: 118006

As Housekeeping Manager, I will fully comprehend the vision of Six Senses to help people reconnect with themselves, others and the world around them and our values of local sensitivity and global sensibility, crafted experiences, emotional hospitality, responsible and caring, fun and quirky and pioneering wellness.   

Sustainability, Wellness and Out of the Ordinary experiences are at the core of everything we do at Six Senses. I will safeguard these pillars and its strategic planning and development and ensure all directives, practices and initiatives are implemented, embraced, adopted within the hotel.


Duties and Responsibilities  

As Housekeeping Manager, I will assume full responsibility for the efficient operation of the Housekeeping department to provide exceptional products and services within brand operating standards.  

The duties and responsibilities will include:  

・Have a thorough knowledge of all facilities and services offered by the resort including type of rooms available as well as their location and layout.  

・Support the Director of Rooms and focus on the rejuvenation of the room/public area and laundry experience  

・Have a thorough knowledge of all facilities and services offered by the hotel including type of rooms available as well as their location and layout.  

・Administer all housekeeping and laundry facilities and ensure secure environment for all our guests.   

・Ensure that all set policies, procedures, best practices are in place and rigorously enforced.  

・Work in partnership with Front Office/Guest Services, Reservations and F&B to ensure guest’s needs are determined /met and oversee the overall smooth operation of Housekeeping department.  

・Instill a cost-focused philosophy through training and education.   

・Operate the property consistent with all legal, statutory and financial requirements and documentation, reporting systems, contractual obligations, security and safety protocols, communications, product and service standards, host management practices and budgetary controls are implemented, reviewed and maintained to ensure the successful operation of the hotel.  





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