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Gerente de serviços ao cliente

Marca do hotel: Hualuxe
Local: China Continental, Sichuan, Yibin

Hotel: HUALUXE Yibin e Holiday Inn Express Yibin

Job number: HOTEL48592

About Us

* Directs, supervises and coordinates the activities in Telecommunication  department

* Manage and provide direction for day-to-day operation and administration of all components of Business Center

* Monitor Business Center personnel to ensure maximum guest satisfaction through personal recognition and prompt cordial attention

* Organize and conduct regular meetings for all Business Center staff to facilitate communication and a smooth operation

* Participate in broader Front Office meetings to keep abreast of issues in the department and inform your staff of same

* Forecast future business trends on a monthly basis

* Plan strategies to take full benefit of forecasted business trends

* Analyze business centre’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities

* Develop and implement action plans to improve strengths, overcome weaknesses and capture opportunities

* Assist in planning and co-coordinating activities to ensure that a budgeted sales targets are met or exceeded

* Complete regular market surveys of competitor’s products

* Assist with the development of strategies based on market research that will ensure achievement of market share and outlet profit targets

* Approve leave after reviewing hotel occupancies

* Develops and implement procedures for proper handling in and out going telephone calls, facsimile transmission, rental equipment, lease telephone lines and other telecommunication services

* Investigates complaints regarding the Telecommunication services and the Operators and technicians, takes appropriate actions.

* Develops working plans to carry out goals, compares actual achievements against goal periodically, take necessary corrective actions

* Establishes and maintains effective employee relations。

* Organizes and conducts regular meeting for all Telecommunication staff to facilitate communication and a smooth operation

* Manages and monitors the operation of all equipment’s, software, hardware and endure all units are working and installed properly

* Ensures all telecommunication equipment’s are covered by the correct maintenance contract and the preventive maintenance is performed

* Maintains up to date list of all telecommunication equipment

* Monitors the performance of PABX/Voice Mail/Call Accounting software and maintain logbook of equipment performance report


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