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Gerente de Cumprimento da Crowne Meetings 皇冠 会务 销售 经理


Marca do hotel: Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts
Localização: China, Pequim, Chengdu

Hotel: Chengdu Wenjiang (CTUBC), No.619A North Phoenix Street, Wenjiang District, 611130

Número do trabalho: 113784

  • Monitors competitors activities and assists in marketing intelligence 
  • 监督竞争对手的活动并协助监察市场动态。
  • Sells to new, existing and prospective customers considering goals set forth in the sales strategy, negotiating optimum rate for the benefit of the business
  • 根据在销售策略中既定目标,向新的、现有的、有可能的客户进行销售,并与其谈判商定最适合的价格以争取最大的利润。
  • Sell all facets of the hotel
  • 销售酒店的所有设施。
  • Develop and maintain a regular pattern of sales calls, meeting with principals of target market 
  • 设立和保持定期的销售拜访模式,与目标市场的主要人物会面。
  • Provides direction on, and conducts market research and analysis
  • 指导和进行市场调研和分析。
  • Develop deep understanding and knowledge of key sectors targeted by hotel, and gain sectorial/account expertise when necessary to maximise guest satisfaction
  • 了解酒店目标客户的需求及相应的行业知识,确保酒店的产品及服务优于竞争对手酒店,最大化的提高生意装换率及客户满意度。
  • Prepare Weekly Events Forecast and seize upselling opportunities
  • 准备每周活动的预测和把握扩大销售的机会。
  • Ensure the timely follow-up and pursuit of strategic relationships with customers and stakeholders in order to drive the highest levels of conversion 
  • 确保生意的及时跟进及同客户建立战略合作的关系,提升并维持生意转换率及客人满意度始终维持高水准。 
  • Supervise the timely delivery of Master Invoice to customers and facilitate payment 
  • 跟进客户发票交付以及加快客人付款。
  • Work closely with the Reservations, Sales & Marketing, and F&B departments to ensure the accounts from the events are consolidated
  • 与预订部,市场销售部,餐饮部通力合作以确保所有环节顺利进行。
  • Team up with counterpart Crowne Meetings Fulfillment staff to deliver sector/customer specific services as required
  • 与相应的皇冠会议工作人员通力合作在适当的时候提供部门/客户的特定服务。
  • Communicate to his/her superior any issues encountered and other relevant information
  • 与他/她的上级沟通工作中遇到的任何问题及其他相关信息
  • Attend and participate in and where appropriate, organise training sessions, daily briefings and other meetings as required
  • 按要求出席并参加培训课程,每日简报和其他会议
  • Where applicable, supervise, manage and train Crowne Meetings Fulfillment Executives and Coordinators in carrying out their responsibilities
  • 在适用的情况下,监督,管理和培训的皇冠会议销售人员。
  • In the pre-event planning process, consult with the meeting planners to identify optimal meeting room configuration, recommendation on meeting/break flow, menu planning, food & beverage coordination, table arrangements, decoration options, etc. to improve meeting efficiency and productivity
  • 在会议计划过程中,同会议主办方充分沟通,考虑活动的流程,餐饮安排,菜单定制,布置需要等因素,确保活动场地的优化使用,提高会议执行的效率。
  • Meet with each meeting planner daily to debrief on daily events, review consumption, bill and any exceptions to contracted billing and review estimates of final billing
  • 每天每个会议筹办者见面汇报日常事件,检讨消费,账单和任何异常合约估计最终计费帐单和审查
  • Plan and conduct pre-event meetings with clients and catering staff to determine potential enhancements to the guest experience
  • 计划和进行事前与客户以及餐饮工作人员协商,以确定潜在的客户体验的增强
  • Assigned upon situation, as the point-of-contact to give immediate assistance in order that customer’s needs are met quickly and their event runs smoothly
  • 分配情况后,跟自己的具体客户沟通,立即给予援助以迅速满足客户需求,以使他们的活动顺利进行。
  • Supervise the organisation of post-event calls and collection of Feedback Survey and follow up with customers to obtain event feedback and identify further business opportunities
  • 会议结束后,调用整理和收集反馈调查及跟进事件反馈,与客户取得联系并寻找更多商机。

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