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鲜艳餐厅迎宾员 Xianyan Hostess / Host


Hotel Brand: Holiday Inn
Location: China, Beijing, Kunshan

Hotel: Kunshan Huaqiao (SHAHQ), Building B, No.888 Shangyin Road, Huaqiao Town, 215332

Job number: 111316

job overview职位概述

  • To provide an appropriate welcome at Restaurants for guests and potential guests, maximizing their dining experience using technical and individual social skills.


  • Adhere to local regulations concerning health, safety, or other compliance requirements, as well as brand standards and local policies and procedures.   




At HUALUXE®, we want our guests to feel accomplished and respected. To help them we need you to offer intuitive Chinese hospitality and:

  • Show Chinese Etiquette – by greeting our guests by extending the spirit of our signature welcome and indulge them in Chinese hospitality by being humble and discreet in observing Chinese protocol. 
  • Respect and Recognize – by recognizing guests’ status by customizing service and adapt to guest preferences making them feel a cut above the rest.
  • Help Accomplish – by fully understanding our guests’ business and social engagement needs, and take pro-active action to exceed their expectations by efficient and accurate services.


  • 尽显中华礼仪 – 向客人展示我们标志性的欢迎,并用谦恭得体的中华待客之道来款待我们的客人。
  • 表达尊重认同 – 通过为客人提供量身定制的服务来认知客人,顺应客人偏好,从而彰显客人独一无二的尊贵身份。
  • 协力成就事业 – 充分理解我们客人的事业及社交需求,主动行动,提供高效准确的服务,力求超越客人期望。

Duties and Responsibilities工作职责

  • Meet and greet all guests, and potential guests, at the front of the Restaurant by ensuring the following:


  • Ensure the restaurant is ready to receive guests prior to opening and that both wait staff and tables are ready in line with opening standards


  • Ensure restaurant operating equipment is clean and in working order


  • Maintaining impeccable uniform and personal presentation standards in accordance with hotel policy


  • Welcoming guests to the Restaurant, by using the Restaurant name


  • Inquiring if they have a reservation and noting it in the reservation book if they do


  • Creating a reservation for them with their dining preferences if they do not and noting it in the reservation book


  • Being attentive to guest requests


  • Escort guests to their preferred table or reserved table and seat guests according to restaurant standards


  • Take telephone bookings and document in the Reservation book according to restaurant standards


  • Train wait staff and bus staff in hostess standards


  • Be attentive to guests and resolve their complaints where possible, reporting all incidents to your Supervisor


  • Maintain responsibility of cleanliness of hostess stations 


  • Maintain responsibility of cleanliness of all menus and drink menus


  • Assist with beverage service


  • Assist with food service


  • Maintain detailed knowledge of menu, including daily specials


  • Ensure tables are cleared quietly and efficiently


  • Carry food and beverage trays in a safe manner to minimize breakages


  • Complete dockets accurately and clearly



  • Maintain current information on all general activities of the hotel


At IHG, we’ve made a promise. As one of the world’s leading hotel groups, we’re here to deliver True Hospitality for Good. Making our guests and colleagues feel welcome, cared for, recognised and respected – wherever they are in the world. Want to be part of the journey?

Travel is a journey. We help make it a joy. 

Starting with a warm, inviting welcome for all guests, whether traveling on business or for fun, enjoying a quick night, or relaxing for the week. At Holiday Inn®️ we thrive on making our guests stays brighter, helping them create memories that will last a lifetime. Irresistible smiles are our specialty. We should know, we’ve been on our journey since 1952. So if you can help us spread the joy of travel to all, we’d love to give you a warm welcome to the Holiday Inn®️ family. Let’s Go Further Together.

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