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中餐厅客户关系主管 Chinese Restaurant Guest Relationship Supervisor


Hotel Brand: HUALUXE
Location: China, Beijing, Kunshan

Hotel: Kunshan Huaqiao (SHAKH), Building A, No.888 Shangyin Road, Huaqiao Town, 215332

Job number: 111320

Job Summary – (Role Summary) 

工作概述﹣ (职位概述)


•   To provide an appropriate welcome at Restaurants for guests and potential guests, maximizing their dining experience using technical and individual social skills.


•   Adhere to local regulations concerning health, safety, or other compliance requirements, as well as brand standards and local policies and procedures.   



Essential Duties and Responsibilities – (Key Activities of the role)



•   Meet and greet all guests, and potential guests, at the front of the Restaurant by ensuring the following:


           -   Ensure the restaurant is ready to receive guests prior to opening and that both             wait staff and tables are ready in line with opening standards

               确保在开始营业前餐厅准备就绪,侍应生和餐桌服务员都遵守开始营业规        范

            -   Ensure restaurant operating equipment is clean and in working order


            -   Impeccable uniform and personal presentation standards in                                   accordance with hotel policy are maintained


            -   Guests are welcomed to the Restaurant, by using the Restaurant name


            -   Inquire if they have a reservation and noting it in the Table Management                     System if they do


            -   Create a reservation for them with their dining preferences if they do not and              noting it in the Table Management System


            -   Guest requests are attended to



            -   Guests are escorted to their preferred table or reserved table and seat guests 
according to restaurant standards


            -   Toast is proposed during dinner to close the relationship with guests. 


            -   Each guest gets a giveaway gift after dinner. 


            -   Monthly target of productivities is assigned to each Guest Relation Team                    member and they are incentivised according to the private rooms and covers            booked under their names. 

                 每位客户关系团队成员被分配月度指标并且根据其名下包房及客人预定                 人数得到相应提成

            -   Gift or souvenir for VIP guests is prepared during festivals. Especially during        the Chinese traditional holidays, visit the key guests and deliver them our

                 homemade seasonal gift.

                 节日期间为VIP客人准备礼物或是纪念品。特别是在中国传统节气,拜访                    客人并赠送酒店特制的节日问候礼物

            -   A database is set up and guest information such as birthday, company address   and preferences are recorded and updated regularly. On their birthday, anniversary or the significant days, the supervisor herself will visit their company to deliver flowers, birthday cake and celebrate the special days with them. At least 20 crucial guests will be visited during a year.

                 建立宾客信息资料库如生日、公司地址、喜好等记录在内并及时更新。                 每逢他们生日、周年纪念或重大的日子,主管应亲自拜访他们的公司送                    上鲜花,生日蛋糕并在特别的日子里为他们庆祝。一年至少拜访20个重 要客户

            -   Guests feel unique, respected and recognized in order to build up a strong                   relationship.


            -   Be attentive to guests and resolve their complaints where possible, reporting all incidents to your Supervisor

                 周到地为客人服务,并尽可能解决客人的投诉,向上级领导报告所有事 件。

            -   Assist with beverage service


            -   Assist with food service


            -   Detailed knowledge of menu, including daily specials is maintained


            -   Ensure tables are cleared quietly and efficiently


            -   Food and beverage trays are carried in a safe manner to minimize breakages


            -   Dockets are completed accurately and clearly


            -   Current information on all general activities of the hotel is maintained






•   Provide a high quality of service to our customer by adopting a positive attitude and keeping the team spirit at the highest level


•   Greet guests or colleagues with a smile at all times, anywhere in the hotel (Front or back of the house)


•   Have pride in personal appearance, makeup and clothing


•   Remain confidential about all matters of such nature.


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