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Operatore del Benessere Integrato


Marca dell'hotel: Sei Sensi
Ubicazione: Turchia, Mugla

Hotel: Kaplankaya (DLMKT), Bozbuk Mahallesi, Merkez Sokak,, NO: 198, Milas, 48200

Numero di lavoro: 118780

Duties and Responsibilities

Vision and Values

As IWP, I fully comprehend the vision of Six Senses to help people reconnect with themselves, others and the world around them, plus our values of local sensitivity and global sensibility, crafted experiences, emotional hospitality, responsible and caring, fun and quirky and pioneering wellness. By embracing the Six Senses vision and values, I will deliver an exceptional experience for guests and develop hosts to be the very best they can be.


I will fully embrace and safeguard the wellness philosophy, concepts, programs and brand initiatives. This includes spearheading and participating in our Mission Wellness activities. All aspects of these wellness and initiatives will be adopted and implemented throughout my department and its strategic planning and development. 


Sustainability is at the core of everything we do at Six Senses. As IWP, I will support all directives on environmental protection and preservation, re-usage and minimum wastage, purchasing and packaging such as the abolition of single-use plastic. I will support the Sustainability Guidelines as they relate to my department and set goals to improve my performance.

Out of the Ordinary 

I will deliver Out of the Ordinary experiences that inspire the spirit of hospitality by delighting others and creating stories. I will deliver experiences that harmonizes with our brand values and create an appetite towards innovation and raise the bar. I will combine quirky, element of surprise and original experiences and take any regular moment and craft it into a beautiful memory.

Operational Ownership

In this role, I will manage the efficient operation of my department to provide exceptional products and services within Six Senses brand operating standards and budget.

I will work strategically with the Director of Wellness/Spa Manager to develop cohesive and productive goals for my department and establish procedures/guidelines to achieve them.  I will maintain an overall consistency of the Company’s vision, quality/standards and develop concepts consistent with brand identity.

My scope of work includes:

  • Keep abreast of industry trends and practices and update knowledge and skills to improve the product and service offering.
  • Processes will be constantly assessed and reviewed to remain relevant, innovative and in keeping with Six Senses wellness and sustainability practices.
  • Assist on reviewing services, products and rates to remain relevant and in keeping with Six Senses wellness and sustainability practices.
  • Assist on the efficient operation of the spa. In the event of guest complaints, I will effectively carry out service recovery or charge our hosts to do so to the satisfaction of guests.
  • Regularly meet with Director of Wellness /Spa Manager to plan next steps in spa operations and liaise with involved departments.
  • Knowledge of all facilities and services offered by the spa including type of treatments and services available as well as their selling status, and benefits of all package’s plans, wellness plans and special promotions. 
  • Understand the policy on guaranteed reservations and no-shows.
  • Support and follow up to ensure Visiting Experts calendar is in place and assist to develop spa packages and programs and to adapt spa menu aligning it with company updates, local market and guests’ requirements. 
  • Market and promote IW to guests and focus to improve projected revenue targets and promotional initiatives to drive sales for products, programs and treatments. 
  • Provide consultation, specialized treatments and prescription of programs, medicines and products to the guests when required. 
  • Perform guest consultations in order to promote wellness screening, wellness packages, sleep programs and cross promote other spa and wellness services including Only Health.
  • I will monitor the compilation of accurate sales and marketing statistics and revenue records on Ayurveda treatments and programs. 
  • Achieve individual and group targets in sales as required, as well as promoting the upselling of spa treatments, products, packages, special promotions and Visiting Experts Calendar.
  • Have a thorough knowledge of all facilities and services offered by the property including type of rooms available as well as their location and layout, selling status, rates, and benefits of all packages plans, credit policy of the hotel and reservation coding. 
  • Maintain documentation, reporting systems, contractual obligations, security and safety protocols, communications, product and service standards.
  • A high standard of personal appearance, grooming and hygiene, plus comprehensive knowledge of safety, security and emergency procedures will be maintained by myself and all hosts in line with brand and statutory requirements.
  • Ensure that interaction and communications between departments within the property are clear and effectively maintained to support the smooth running of the property. 
  • Ensure that all activities within my department are carried out ethically, honestly and within the parameters of local law.
  • Attend or conduct the designated meetings and briefings as instructed by the General Manager with a two-way flow of pertinent information and communications.

People Management

As IWP, I am responsible for the management, performance and development of all hosts within my department through the provision of direction, encouragement, enthusiasm, discipline, performance evaluation and counselling to build a loyal, productive and effective team. 

Recruitment of the right people is intrinsic to delivering the Six Senses standard of service. I will work closely with Director of Wellness/ Spa Manager in identifying potential internal and external candidates

I will always behave in a professional manner and set an example to all. I will abide by Six Senses principles, core values, best practices, guidelines, and objectives, while respecting other cultures and nationalities and projecting a positive and proactive position to help build and maintain a strong, loyal team. 

Responsible Business 

All activities will be carried out ethically, honestly and within the parameters of local law. I will ensure a safe and secure environment for guests, hosts and hotel assets in compliance with hotel’s or owner’s policies and procedures and regulatory requirements. I will maintain relations with outside contacts and drive host involvement in community organizations, activities and businesses.


I am a personally involved, visible and proactive leader with excellent organizational skills, capable of providing focused direction and continuing to establish the company’s prominent position within the market. I possess a well-developed capability for strategic decision-making and a track record of proven results in the areas of customer satisfaction, operational excellence, host satisfaction, revenue and profit. I also have the ability to engage in a wide array of high-profile business and social community activities.

Skills and Experience

To execute the position of IWP, I confirm that I have the required qualifications, technical skills and at least three years’ experience in a similar or greater role in luxury spas and health clubs with proven results.

I have ideally graduated from a Wellness or Hotel Management program and a degree or certification of the following: Allopathic Doctorate, Ayurveda Doctor/Physician, Physiotherapy, Fitness and Nutrition, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Anatomy and Physiology and/or similar health related fields or have broad knowledge on anatomy and physiology and massage therapy.

Technical skills include Advanced MS Office – Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. I am also familiar with various hotel systems including POS, PMS and CRM platforms.  

I will maintain a thorough understanding of Six Senses in terms of guidelines, rules and regulations, brand and operating standards, facilities and services.


Specific days and timing are based on the business needs, seasonality and local labor laws. The role will also require standing and walking for extended periods of time. I also recognize that the role is dynamic and may change to meet operational requirements. My performance is measured directly against these job responsibilities. I understand there will be a requirement to travel for work-related meetings and events. 

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