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Agente del centro servizi per gli ospiti 宾客 服务 中心 接待员

Marca dell'hotel: Crowne Plaza
Ubicazione: Cina continentale, Tientsin, Tientsin

Albergo: TSNTM - Crowne Plaza Tianjin Meijiangnan

Numero di lavoro: HOTEL48616

About Us

• Answer incoming phone calls primarily from external callers in a timely and professional manner that reflects highly on the hotel and brand. 主要负责及时和用体现酒店和品牌的专业态度接听从外部打入的电话。

Your day to day

• Process all incoming and outgoing calls accurately and courteously 正确并礼貌地处理所有打进和打出酒店的电话。 • Records and controls accurately wake up calls 准确记录并管理叫早服务。 • Pages guests in co-operation with concerned departments 与相关部门合作,对客人进行呼叫。 • Records all entries on traffic sheets 将所有条目记录到电话单上。 • Assists guests with international calls and directory queries 协助客人处理国际长途和号码查询。 • Calls guests by name whenever possible 尽量称呼客人的姓名 。 • Pages staff member when requested 如有需要,对工作人员进行呼叫。 • Abides by principles of guest privacy 遵守保护客人隐私的原则 • Handles guests needs or requests and reports complaints to the Telephone Supervisor 满足客人的需要或请求,并向总机主管汇报投诉情况。 • Report on logbook daily 每日记下工作日志。 • Bill call costs 提供电话费单据。 • Aware of local telephone listings and frequently dialed numbers 熟悉当地电话表以及常拨号码。

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