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Ragioniere 会计师

Marchio dell'hotel: Hualuxe
Ubicazione: Mainland China, Sichuan, Yibin

Hotel: HUALUXE Yibin e Holiday Inn Express Yibin

Job number: HOTEL48601

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• Collate suppliers documentation for processing 核对供应商的各类单据以便进行财务处理。 • Collate suppliers documentation for processing 比较供应商产品及报价 . • Ensure all invoices have the appropriate documentation attached and approvals prior to processing 在处理发票前应确保所有发票均附有相应的审批单据。 • Process all invoices and statements 处理所有发票和账单。 • Record and process payments of goods and services 记录并处理各类产品及服务的付款工作。 • Maintain clear lines of communication with outside companies to ensure timely and accurate supply of goods and services 与外部公司保持有效沟通,确保所需产品和服务能够及时、准确的提供。 • Check arithmetic accuracy and invoices and assign general ledger codes as per chart of accounts 核对数字的准确性和发票,按照账目表分派挂账代码。 • Reconcile Food and beverage general and direct items with Food and Beverage control department 与餐饮管理部门核算餐饮总账目和直接分项账目。 • Reconcile the weekly purchase log 核对每周的采购账目。 • Prepare cheque run for approval on a weekly basis 每周准备所需使用的支票并提交审批。 • Reconcile supplier statements with establishment records and follow up on any discrepancies 根据现存记录核对供应商的单据并跟踪处理发现的出入。 • Maintain the batch register and balance daily to general ledger 保持每日将记帐记录输入到总帐中,并确保账目平衡 • Prepare the accruals journal at month end for regular suppliers and delivery dockets not paid 月底准备常规供应商的分类帐目及尚未付款的送货单。 • Participate in other department stock-takes and month end close as appropriate 必要时参与其它部门的盘点和月末封账工作。 • Investigate cashiers over’s and under as required and communicate any unexplained discrepancies to your Manager 必要时调查出纳账目的出入并就无法解释的账目不符情况与自己的上级经理交换意见。 • Works with Superior on manpower planning and management needs 与上级一起制定人力资源规划和管理需求。

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Financial Fundamentals – 财务基础 • Is familiar with key financial measures, processes, policies and concepts relevant to their job scope as well as responsibilities of function 熟知关键的财务核算、流程、政策和概念以及职能的责任 • Understands concepts and principles of hotel accounting and follows accounting processes in IHG 了解酒店会计理念和原则,遵守洲际酒店集团的会计流程 • Applies knowledge of data integrity rules, data cross-dependencies and statistical tools to prepare and reconcile error free account statements in a timely manner 运用对数据完整性原理、数据交叉相关性和统计工具的知识,及时编制和核对没有错误的报表 Compliance & Governance 合规与管治 • Has working knowledge of relevant local laws, accounting statutes, audit standards in market, and government regulations 具备相关地方性法律、会计法规、行业审计标准和政府法规的应用知识 • Understands the key internal control principles and the importance of establishing policies, procedures and internal audit guidelines through ensuring CSA execution 了解关键的内部监控原则以及通过执行 CSA 制的定政策、来了解程序及内部审计的重要性 • Applies relevant tax regulations and IHG’s policies to execute routine tax transactions and fillings and handle tax invoices 执行应用相关的税务规定及洲际酒店集团政策,执行管理日常税务交易以及存档和操作税务发票 Payment & Procurement Management 付款和采购管理 • Supports supplier qualification inspection, issuing and renewing contract; verifies contract documentation and ensures all conditions of contract are met before signing the contract 辅助供应商资质检查,签订和更新合同事宜;合适合同文件并在签约前确保所有合同条件均已满足 • Is familiar with fundamental negotiation concepts and applies the skills with internal & external customer to help make better business decisions 熟知基本的协商理念,应用相关技能与内部和外部客户协商,帮助做出更明智的商业决定 • Is familiar with IHG payment and cash flow management processes, systems and tools 熟知洲际酒店集团付款和现金流管理流程、系统和工具 Business Partnering 业务合作伙伴 • Understands general IHG’s business strategy, culture, metrics and how each function supports IHG overall business operations 了解洲际酒店集团的一般经营策略、文化、指标以及各个职能部门如何支持洲际酒店集团的整个业务运营 • Builds a network of contacts to obtain information, resources, or assistance 构建联系人网络,以获取信息、资源或协助 • Supports internal and external parties by resolving routine problems and providing innovative financial advice to improve standard practices 解决常规问题并提供创新财务意见以改善标准流程,从而支持外部和内部相关方 IT & Systems IT 和系统 • Has working knowledge of the accounting system and finance tools (e.g. shared drive, excel) to complete transactions in accurate and timely manner 具备会计系统和财务工具(例如,公共存储盘、excel)的应用知识,准确及时地完成操作 • Understands legal requirements of user access management and IT security (e.g. PCI-DSS principle); prepares, maintains and retrieves records as required 了解用户访问管理和IT安全的法律要求(例如,PCI-DSS 原则);编制、保持并根据需要检索记录 • Understands IHG IT strategy and delivery model; Is familiar with data management processes and systems and keeps database up-to-date 了解洲际酒店集团IT策略和交付模式;熟知数据管理流程并保持数据库最新

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