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公共区域主管 Public Area Supervisor

Marca dell'hotel: Hualuxe
Ubicazione: Cina continentale, Fujian, Xiamen

Albergo: XMNAD - HUALUXE Xiamen Haicang

Job number: HOTEL49625

About Us

·        Public Area Cleaning service

·        公共区域清洁服务

·        Linen maintenance

·        布巾维护

·        Cleaning Machine maintenance

·        清洁设备维护

·        Recommended changes to these standards and training needs on an ongoing basis

·        就这些标准和培训需求提供持续性的改进建议。

·        Maintain a current and thorough knowledge of all Public Area systems

·        对公共区域所有系统有最新和完整的知识。

·        Open and close the shift and ensure effective shift hand over

·        负责管理接班和交班工作,以确保交接班过程的有效进行 。

·        Solve employee grievances

·        解决员工受到的不公正待遇问题。

·        Perform Public Area inspections

·        检查公共区域

·        Liaise with hotel departments for guest and hotel requirements

·        配合各部门满足酒店和客人的要求。

·        Co-ordinate special projects (Pest control, window and carpet cleaning and marble crystallization etc.)

·        协调特别项目(杀虫,窗户和地毯的清洁和理石结晶等)。

·        Ensure consistency within the department

·        确保部门内工作的一致性。

·        Manage Public Area storage areas

·        管理公共区域仓库

·        Maintain adequate stock levels

·        保存充足的用品存货。

·        Complete stock takes as required

·        按要求完成库存盘点工作。

·        Conducts shift briefings to ensure hotel activities and operational requirements are known

·        进行交接班说明,确保了解酒店的工作和运营需求。

·        Works with Superior and Human Resources on manpower planning and management needs

·        与上级领导和人力资源部一起进行人力规划和管理需求。

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