What I Love Most About My Job: Yvonne’s Story

What I Love Most About My Job: Yvonne’s Story

Here at IHG, we pride ourselves in our ability to make our people feel at ease and happy within the workplace. We want our people to truly love what they do. Our company, and the industry we operate in, is all about constant growth, progression and the possibilities for development and career fulfilment. Here Yvonne lifts the lid on her hospitality experience so far and why she loves working for us… 


What makes you want to stay and grow with IHG?

IHG offers so many development opportunities and with its extensive performance system ensures that your talents are truly nurtured. The training we receive is second to none!


How has working at IHG boosted your career prospects?

I’ve been offered countless training opportunities during my years with IHG. This includes training in business acumen, leadership skills, interviewing techniques, time management and many more invaluable pointers that have truly helped me to develop and grow.




What skills have you obtained/improved on while working at IHG?

The biggest improvements I’ve noticed within myself since working here have been in my confidence when it comes to leadership, as well as time management and strategic thinking. I can’t believe how far I’ve come sometimes and how much I’ve learned on the job. It honestly doesn’t feel like work, it’s been such an enjoyable experience so far.


What three words would you use to describe working here?

Where to start! I’d probably have to go with three areas, rather than three words. They would be motivational and encouraging, team work and collaboration - and last of all passion and pride.


What do you love most about your job?

Being responsible and having the chance to prove my knowledge and develop every single day. It might sound cliché but it’s true that no two days are the same with a job here.  Not a day goes by when I don’t learn something new – whether this be about the industry, or even about myself.


How would you describe the culture at IHG?

It’s just such a great and happy place to be - I feel very lucky to be part of it. IHG constantly strives to advance their team by truly nurturing your talents and creating exciting development prospects for you moving forward. It's all about the passion and how colleagues can harness their personalities to get ahead, just as much as their skills and qualifications. It’s also a lot about keeping the brand in mind and adhering to the culture. We’re all truly so proud to work here!


So if you’re in search of a career that will have you raring to go? Why not consider a role in hospitality? We’re always looking for the hardest and happiest workers, just like Yvonne. We want people who can take our company to the next level and constantly better themselves. After all, we love to see our people thrive too, not just our business. 

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