From Trainee To Revenue Manager: Emily’s 5-Year Journey with IHG.

From Trainee To Revenue Manager: Emily’s 5-Year Journey with IHG.

Here at IHG World, we pride ourselves in our ability to nurture the progression and growth of our staff. We don’t believe in standing still or glass ceilings. Our company, and indeed the industry we operate in, is all about constant growth, progression and the unbounded possibilities for development. We caught up with Emily, one of our valued team members. Emily perfectly embodies the idea of a true career - having worked and developed with us for over 5 years now. Here she lifts the lid on her IHG experience so far and why she’s only just getting started…


What do you love most about working for IHG?

IHG’s varied brand offerings mean that you can apply to work anywhere, from functional low-budget to high-end luxury hotels. This sense of choice allows you to easily change up locations and experience these different brands, as well as the chance to meet colleagues with a broad knowledge of the company. Being part of this unique family makes me truly love working for IHG!


How has working at IHG helped further your career?

Five years ago I started as a Future Leader in Revenue management; today I am in my second Revenue management role for an IHG property, having had the opportunity to experience two different brands already. This shows that IHG does not only manage to develop their people, but retain talent too and support further career opportunities. They really respect and listen to your personal interests and career goals, which is so helpful.




What skills have you obtained or improved on whilst working at IHG?

Every skill you have will be picked up on and tested at some point with IHG. From time management, through priority setting to decision making, as well as finding the right way to communicate depending on the recipient so that you pass on your message most effectively. It’s a great place to learn and grow. 


What three words would you use to describe working here?

Development, autonomy, fun!


What do you love most about your job?

Being a property-based Revenue manager, I love the mix between analytics and operational exposure. I also love seeing the impact of revenue decisions on the daily hotel business and most of all the chance to exchange ways of working to improve the hotel performance with my colleagues.


How would you describe the company culture here at IHG?

Life at IHG is being surrounded by people with an open-minded culture, with a great sense of hospitality not only towards guests, but towards each other as colleagues too. Mutual support is an important part of our company culture. Overall, IHG is a company that celebrates successes and pushes its employees through constructive criticism to their best each and every day.


So if you’re in search of a career that will never have you standing still? Why not consider a role in hospitality? Here at IHG we’re always looking for the hardest workers and biggest dreamers, just like Emily. We want people who can take our company to the next level and constantly better themselves. After all, we love to see our people thrive too, not just our business. 

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