Spotlight on: why we love developing our people

Spotlight on: why we love developing our people

One of our guiding principles at IHG is the development of all of our talented people - we call this Room to grow. Everyone’s career path is different and we want to ensure that the aspirations and goals of our colleagues are as fully supported as possible.

For this reason we have invested in a number of training schemes, open to our colleagues in a variety of positions. We want to help them secure and expand their skills while also achieving their ambitions and ensuring that all IHG hotels remain a great place to stay.

We're so excited about that we just had to share!

Career Insights

First up is our accelerated development programme, Career Insights. Run across Greater China, Asia, Middle East and Africa and our Europe regions this programme is aimed at IHG colleagues with a high potential to progress through to Hotel Head of Department and General Manager positions.

Who is it for?

The Career Insights programme has been developed for existing colleagues who have shown potential to progress within the business. There are three programmes, each aimed at different levels.

The first is named ‘Excom Potential’ for those who show promise to progress to the level of Head of Department. The second, ‘Number 2 Potential’, for IHG colleagues who are getting ready to become a hotel manager. Finally there is ‘General Manager Potential’.

As part of IHG’s annual talent management cycle line managers will recommend different employees for nomination to the scheme, depending on their level of readiness for the next step in their career path.

What could I learn?

Career Insights boasts a bespoke learning plan for each delegate and there is a one-to-one ratio of assessor to delegate. Each colleague is given three specific areas of development to focus on completion of the programme.

The three day experience uses a mix of simulation scenarios – a kind of role play that observes how a member of staff would perform a specific duty or respond to a particular scenario. This is then evaluated by an assessor who will feedback on individual strengths and areas for improvement.


IHG employees


Leading Others

Here at IHG we make a promise to all of our people that we will endeavour to develop them at each stage of their career. One of the most important phases colleagues will go through is the transition to a supervisory or managerial role.

That’s why we have created six month global leadership programme and development journey that helps to develop the skills and knowledge of colleagues. We’re all leaders in different ways, and this programme aims to support talent as they go through their journey to leadership.

Who is it for?

Leading Others is aimed at colleagues who are in the process of making the big transition into leadership roles. It is a six month journey designed specifically to finesse their skills and capabilities, set the standard for leadership moving forward and providing support in that transition.

This sets the stage for the IHG promise to its employees of providing room to grow and create real career progression.

What could I learn?

The cornerstone of the Leading Others framework is on the job, active learning . This allows learners to develop new behaviours and sustain them during real life situations. Also key to this programme is the support of colleagues and peers during the course of this training, helping them to become more successful and effective in their new management role.

Learners will be familiarised in the different leadership competencies that form the management structure of IHG. This then provides learners with a framework that will enable them to occupy their new role more fully.

Participants who flourish on the Leading Others course are then able to go on and obtain an accredited qualification from our partners the Confederation of Tourism & Hospitality (CTH).

CTH is an internationally-renowned, professional awarding body for qualifications in the hospitality and tourism sector worldwide. Colleagues who are successful in their Leading Others studies can obtain either a Level 3 or Level 4 Diploma in Hospitality Leadership, depending on which programme stream they’ve completed.

These are just two example of how IHG is taking the development of our colleagues seriously - not only does it ensure that we can offer our guests the best experience, but the whole business benefits when our people are happy, fulfilled in their career and feel supported in achieving their dreams.

If you want to progress to the next level and make your career goals a reality then IHG could be the perfect place for you - simply click the ‘Find a Job’ link and start on the path to career development with IHG today.


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