Q&A: How un-success turned into success for Miroslava

Q&A: How un-success turned into success for Miroslava

When things don’t go your way, you can do one of two things. You can dwell on the experience, or you can learn from it. Some of the world’s most successful people didn’t succeed the first time around - Oprah was fired from her first reporting job at 23 years old.

If you don’t succeed first time round, that doesn’t mean you should give up, Miroslava didn’t, and she eventually got the job she loves. It’s how you deal with rejection and feedback that shapes who you are. It’s an opportunity to learn not just about where you need to improve, but about who you are as a person.

Miroslava originally applied for our IHG Future Leaders Graduate Programme where she was initially unsuccessful. Through this experience she received an offer in a different role which ended up being very suited to her skills. Find out in the quick Q&A how she overcame a few hurdles to get to where she is today.


1. What was the role you applied for initially?

In 2015 I applied for the IHG Future Leaders Graduate Programme, applicants have to pass through five stages of recruitment. The second stage consists of a number of psychometric tests which I unfortunately did not pass.  




2. Tell us about reapplying; was it for a different area in the business or for the same role? 

After an unsuccessful first attempt, I decided to reapply for the Future Leaders Programme the following year. This time I knew exactly what area I needed to focus on so I started working on it, determined to succeed. 

I completed and passed the tests, I was successful in the 3rd stage interview and ended up being one of the very few that were invited to attend the assessment center. 

Following a set of group activities, interviews and presentations, I could not foresee the outcome. I received a phone call saying that I had not been selected. I was, however, offered another very exciting opportunity to join the Pre-Opening Team at the future InterContinental Hotel in the center of Sofia. 


3. Tell us of your experience since then, and what you've learned most

A few months after the assessment center, I moved to Sofia to participate in this exciting new project and I was more than happy with the turn of events. What I learnt is that if you fail, this is not the reason to give up but just the opposite. Reflect on yourself and define areas for improvement. 

Be more focused and braver than before, now you know what to expect so you’re already a step ahead. Be confident and believe in yourself… and success will follow. 


So, take inspiration from Miroslava and use your experiences to shape both your career and who you are with IHG. View all our latest opportunities and see where in the world you could end up. 


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