My Signature Cocktail

My Signature Cocktail

Imagine having your very own cocktail, designed entirely by you. With over 350,000 people in nearly 100 countries, here at IHG, we can offer you a world of opportunity. We want all of our people to explore new realms that help them in their roles, in a fun and creative environment. 

We believe that to run a successful business, you need employees who love what they do and are as ambitious and driven as the company itself. All our IHG’ers are passionate about putting our guests first, giving them the best experiences possible. 

We’re really passionate about giving our teams across the business free reign to be inventive and creative. By letting the creative licence among our Food & Drink staff run wild and free, we can develop our guest experience with a menu that is tried, tested & enjoyed by all! 


Stefano Filistad

Stefano Filistad | Beverage Manager at The Arch Bar | InterContinental London Park Lane 


‘Starting my journey with IHG back in 2006, there have been many opportunities and needs to create signature recipes. My very first drink I had the chance to create was a cocktail inspired by London’s Markets. Here I got inspiration from products which came directly from the vibrant English countryside, of course Gin was the spirit of choice, and the rest was all down to creativity and the freedom of choosing products that were in line with the brief.’

Just like Stefano, your work too could be inspired by the London markets or vibrant English countryside. For the renovation of the Arch Bar and Wellington Lounge, employees were given the opportunity to work on recipes and actively participate in the evolution of the new concept. This included branding and the possibility of updating and proposing the addition of different equipment needed to develop new recipes for the hotel. 

Using the bar’s spirit of choice mixologists  were able to develop gin recipes inspired by the history and given the creativity to create something innovative and delightful. That’s just what we do her at IHG, we allow our colleagues to channel their creativity in positive ways.


‘Over the years I have always been really lucky to work with an inspiring and creative team of bartenders - creativity is not something you can schedule or plan, being able to filter ideas keeping records and have an understanding of how it will all finally flow together certainly requires not only skills, but a passion to drive a specific concept.

Creativity sessions were always where the magic would happen, myself and the team would have taken some time after service, coming up with new recipes, adopting new techniques drawing vessels and designing garnishes.




In a team full of inspiring and talented bartenders, gin and its history is celebrated along with the use of botanicals crafted to create this superb spirit.  Our people create all sorts of unique cocktails with intriguing stories, from a Poor Man’s Punch, a cocktail inspired by harsh London winters when gin was produced inexpensively, to the Commodore, inspired by the seventeenth century Royal Navy officers who were given gin instead of rum as an indication of their status.


‘All ideas were inspired, from revisited forgotten classics presented in a modern style, to brand new concoctions using Liqueurs and spirits that would have just came out into the market.

The Key is to always stay current with trends whilst focusing on innovation, being able to find the right balance allowing you to have Room to be yourself.’


There are over 5000 IHG hotels globally, so if you want to be a part of a team that encourages innovation, creativity and personalised experiences just for you, the perfect role is right around the corner.

Check out all our latest vacancies here, and who knows you could be on your way to creating your own bespoke cocktail.

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