IHG's Irfan on: "Selling the brand… In Style!"

IHG's Irfan on: "Selling the brand… In Style!"


Selling our brands around the world requires a specialist knowledge of commercial markets and knowing our products from front to back. It also needs dedicated, inspirational leaders to drive new business. At IHG, we nurture our talent by providing leadership, high-quality training and energetic support, allowing our sales staff to operate at a high level of performance.

#LifeAtIHG spoke to Irfan, who explained how this training plays a key role in advancing his ability to sell the InterContinental brand, along with supporting his personal development. Importantly, he knows that he is appreciated for his efforts. Showing that we care is an integral part of our ethos. After all, we work better together.

Let’s look at how Irfan feels about his role:


What do you love most about working for IHG?

The corporate team at IHG is highly encouraging of innovative business ideas, with the emphasis on growth and training. Equal opportunity for work and growth for everyone.


How has working at IHG helped you in your career?

I get to do more of what I am truly good at and get appreciated for it. A Personal Development Plan with clear goals and guidelines on how to achieve it, given by our direct supervisor. And most importantly, there is a follow-through by the senior management team on the progress.



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What skills have you improved on while working at IHG?

I would say; leadership skills during the best and the toughest of times, in-depth understanding of the hotel business and our operating environment, global networking with like-minded colleagues and leveraging the brand at an international level. Also, business development, product positioning, and brand building.


What three words would you use to describe working here?

Pride, inspired and driven to succeed.


What do you love most about your job?

Selling the InterContinental brand and what it stands for, in style!


How would you describe the company culture here at IHG?

The three words I would use to describe it would be:

  1. High performance work culture
  2. Energetic and smart teams
  3. High emphasis on training and metrics


If you like the sound of a career that encourages responsible business practices when presenting its reputation to staff and clients alike, you should be checking in at IHG. We have a glittering reputation and this could be your time to shine. Strive to excel, become brand-hearted and with our support, achieve your personal goals. Be like Irfan and reach them ‘in style’. Be someone special, be part of the IHG family.

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