The IHG employee story hitting headlines in Hong Kong

The IHG employee story hitting headlines in Hong Kong

Shelly started as a fresh high school graduate with no experience. Now her success stories are all over Hong Kong’s newspapers. Read her story here

I still remember the day I was introduced to IHG. I was a fresh high school graduate with zero working experience.

Out of curiosity, I walked into one of IHG’s recruitment events. There I learned about a half-year operation trainee programme at Holiday Inn Golden Mile Hong Kong, ran in partnership with Hong Kong Labour Department and it didn’t require any hotel experience! I told myself ‘this could be a good opportunity’ and went for an interview. Luckily, I was accepted.

My first day was not easy. I felt awkward. I was afraid to communicate with colleagues, and almost gave up on the whole thing before I even got started. Fortunately, my instructor Mr Jones was always there to help me with everything. He started me off with basic tasks and back-of-house operations to help me build confidence and get familiar with hotel environment. He always took the time to discuss where I had made progress. Step-by-step, he guided me toward becoming an active learner and a passionate member of the hotel team.

I was also continually encouraged by my team members and HR colleagues. When I started working at the take-away food counter, I had to memorise over 50 food names within a short period. Mr Jones and my colleagues were very patient with me and helped me in every possible way.





When I signed a proper employee contract after the programme ended, I felt honoured to be welcomed into the IHG family.

Of course, being a regular employee didn’t mean the end of my studies. Through various learning platforms, I was able to improve my English proficiency. I was also able to dig deeper into hotel operations, handling guest complaints and food safety. We even have make-up courses!

At IHG, I feel taken good care of – not only in my daily work, but also in future development. Now, I’m going through a two-year training programme that will give me the skills to pursue career opportunities as department leader.

One of my biggest achievements with IHG was to be awarded ‘Most Improved Trainee’ by the Hong Kong Labour Department. As an ambassador of our hotel, I’ve shared my stories at press conferences and career talks and many fresh graduates – just like who I was at the very beginning of this journey.

I have to say that I’m a lucky person – to have the opportunities to learn and develop, to meet great people who care for me and motivate me to be my best. And it’s IHG that has made this happen.

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