How to write a cover letter that makes an impact

How to write a cover letter that makes an impact

It’s easy to put off writing your cover letter. But if you want that job, you’re best to apply sooner rather than later. Plus, it’s not a good idea to leave it until the last minute and then rush, because you’re more likely to make silly mistakes and end up submitting a poor quality cover letter. 

It’s the first thing that a company will lay eyes on. This is your chance to blow them away with a well-written, engaging cover letter that entices them to invite you for an interview.


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With companies receiving so many applications, the competition can be tough. You need to stand out. We’ve come up with some helpful advice to help you put together a brilliant cover letter that makes an impact.

Here are some tips for writing the perfect CV cover letter.


Cover letter tips and advice

57.1% of professionals rank the cover letter as an essential application component. It’s the first thing employers see. They'll most likely read your cover letter before they even get on to your CV, so you need to make it count.


Make it relevant - Identify the job you are applying for and explain why you would be great for the role. What skills do you have that meet the job criteria? Read the job description in detail and relate back to it.

Show what you can bring to the company - Explain how your experience and abilities can benefit the company you are applying to. What’s in it for them?

Create a unique cover letter for each job - Tailor it specifically to the job and company. Don’t be lazy and send out a generic cover letter for every job application. And don’t simply repeat everything that’s in your CV.

Research the person/company you are sending it to - Write something that demonstrates you’ve looked them up. Mention a small detail or something in particular you love about the company and why.

Keep it concise - Shouldn’t be longer than one A4 page. No one wants to read pages and pages of information  about your life story.


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Avoid cliche phrases and generic sentences For example ‘I’m a team player’ and ‘I achieve anything I set my mind to’. Be more specific. Why do you work well in a team, what evidence do you have to prove this?

Who are you sending it to? - Find out the name of the recruiter or employee who you are sending your cover letter to. If you can't’ find any details, make sure you use ‘Dear Sir or Madam’.

Proofread - Be sure to check and double check your cover letter before sending. As well as doing a spell check, read through it a few times to check it reads well. Reading it aloud can be useful as it helps you to spot glaring mistakes and figure out if it flows well.

Be creative -  In the way that you write and how you talk about yourself. Try and show a bit of your personality through your writing. Make yourself memorable.

End with a strong point and call to action - Ask for an interview and explain why you deserve one and they absolutely need to see you. The last thing they read about you needs to stick in their mind.


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