How to: improve your application for your next shot

How to: improve your application for your next shot

If you’ve ever applied for a job before (or even if you haven’t) then you’ll most likely have stumbled across an online application. We understand they can feel time consuming and sometimes a little difficult. 

You may have received that dreaded email a couple weeks later too telling you that you’ve been unsuccessful. We’ve all been in that situation before and what we can learn from these experiences is how to improve for your next shot at success.

With this blog we want to offer you some quick, handy hints on how to make your application a hit for your next shot!

1.Your Application:

Read carefully

Let’s start with the obvious… One of the biggest red flags that appear in submitted applications are a mismatch between the question and answer. This, can be down to applicants simply copy and pasting their CV directly over. Reading the job description and understanding the requirements of the role before you even get started sounds easy, but trust us it works. Doing this means you can really invest yourself into the application.

Enter accurate personal information

It’s a shame but some candidates don’t move through the recruitment process simply because they’ve entered the wrong personal information. The simplest of typos can be the difference between an acceptance email direct to your inbox, or hearing nothing back. Attention to detail is crucial and a really positive trait because that small investment of time to check accuracy can save a lot of disappointment. 


Online Application


2.Your CV:

How to create a good one

CV’s can be tricky, and you might be wondering what’s up with it if you’ve been unlucky first time round. Fear not, there are a few quick hacks you can implement to better you CV for next time.

Keep it concise

Anyone who tells you one CV is enough for all purposes isn’t giving out good advice, what we suggest is for each job application you tailor your CV to match the requirements of the role.

Scan through it all and make sure your work experience is a short but rich section highlighting all the relevant skills needed for this role, avoid a long list of every job you’ve had that don’t relate – keep it relevant and tailored.

Include a career objective

Personal statements can eat into the rest of your CV, plus you have an opportunity to sell yourself a little more in your cover letter (advice on this to follow). Instead include a few sentences on your career objectives over the coming few years.

Shout out about your achievements

CV’s are faceless it’s your opportunity to express yourself on a blank page, while including all the relevant details. Shout about your best achievements and we’ll soon get a flavour for your personality and abilities - certificates, education and qualifications, make it all clear.


3.Your Cover Letter:

Address your qualifications and experience

Your CV should remain concise and minimal, so now is your opportunity to expand on your most valuable qualifications and experiences that lend themselves well to the role.

Play to your strengths

It can be difficult to talk about your strengths you may feel it’s too boastful, but trust us we want to hear all about them. There’s no harm in identifying the areas you’re looking to develop either, communicate your enthusiasm to progress, learn and succeed. It’s best to lay it out in a few sentences, nothing too long or elaborate but enough detail and evidence that give a hint.

Keep to a professional tone

Your tone should be professional throughout with 100% correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. Try printing out a copy and proof reading it, rather than staring into your screen to spot the mistakes. Finally close on a polite and professional note maybe explain that you look forward to having the opportunity to discuss your application in further detail soon.


So now you know how to make your online application a hit whether it’s first, second, or third time round, what’s stopping you? If you think you’ve got the passion, creativity and drive to achieve that amazing career at IHG then make sure you stop by our job search and never give up. Good Luck!


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