Gaining a diverse range of experiences at IHG

Gaining a diverse range of experiences at IHG

Excelling in a role can be one of the most fulfilling aspects in anyone’s career. What can be even more fulfilling is working for an organisation that has a global range of rich opportunity available for people to aspire to great roles no matter where in the business you’re placed.  

At IHG we believe we are all leaders, the only difference is that your role will determine the type of leadership you need to display to be successful.  

Behind every great company are great leaders – at IHG we believe everyone has that potential which is why we’re all given the opportunity to lead in some way. We’re committed to giving you Room to grow and we believe working for such a large organisation encourages everyone to build their careers by having a diverse spectrum of experiences.  

Our leadership framework works in close conjunction with everyday real-life experiences. We believe it’s not just a case of ‘moving up’ but rather the depth of experience one needs to be ready for future, more complex roles. 

Take a look below at the ways you can practice leadership in your role to get the most out of your experience, and to broaden your knowledge while enhancing your skills.  



Food for thought: Mastering your personal objectives,  supporting the results of the team, and leading by example is something we see every day at IHG. 


Experiences at IHG



Food for thought: Understanding how your role in leading other is a selfless act of being there for your team.  



Food for thought: Collaboration on longer term results will help contribute to the wider business strategy.  



Food for thought: How does the business strategy translate specifically in your area/function? 



Food for thought: Consider how strategic direction leads the business and what you can contribute to make a difference. 



Food for thought: This looks at the wider picture considering how the company can create and maintain a compelling vision.  


Leadership isn’t necessarily about how high you are, but reaching your full potential whatever that may mean to you. Mastering your personal objectives will mean something different to someone leading the F&B team to say someone working in Operations.  

Whichever path you choose, from Operations, to Corporate Functions as well as Centre of Reservations - success isn’t determined by level rather it’s about where you want to make a difference. Consider where that may be, and use the framework to get the most out of your experience and career here at IHG. 

With the option to travel the globe, and a chance to learn new skills across all areas in hospitality - IHG really is the place for a multitude of opportunity. Search for our current vacancies here.


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