Dream builder and teacher – Fiona’s story

Dream builder and teacher – Fiona’s story

When I was a kid, my dream was to become a teacher

My name is Fiona He, Training Manager at Crowne Plaza Shanghai Harbour City.  I help colleagues at my hotel find their passion and become a better person. When I was a kid, my dream was to become a teacher -  I didn’t end up in school in front of a classroom of pupils, but life has found another way to make that dream come true. 

Now, she calls me ‘Teacher He’

I remember one supervisor from housekeeping clearly. During a chat before a course called “Skill Trainer”, she told me that she often found it difficult to express her thoughts, even though there was a lot going on in her mind. She hoped that after the training, she would become not only a can-do supervisor but also someone who can speak.



I paid a lot of attention to her during the course and patiently tutored her how to apply what we learned into practice. I helped her learn how to organise her thoughts and how to speak in a way that people would listen. By the time the course ended, she had successfully completed her first one-on-one training as a trainer.

We came back to her after some time to ask if the course was helpful and told us her trainees from Housekeeping had given her very positive feedback. Now, she calls me ‘Teacher He’. She always says that she finally realised her dream to become a ‘can-do’ and ‘can-speak’ supervisor.

Being a Training Manager in a hotel is more than just training

We host a variety of events and activities to help the hotel team relax. What’s even more interesting is that we often scout some undiscovered talents among us!

Last year, our hotel colleagues surprised us with lots of beautiful hand-painted Easter eggs during an egg-painting activity. It would be such a waste just to put these artworks in the storage room, so the Executive Chef displayed them in the restaurant as part of the festival decoration.

Knowing that his work is now an exhibit, one colleague invited his parents to the hotel to see. He told me that his parents used to be unsupportive of his job, but the visit has changed their impression about the hotel’s work environment and their son’s job. Now he felt motivated to strive for better development in the industry. The warmth and cheerfulness in his words also motivated me, as I never expected a simple activity to make such a big difference.

I now enjoy being a “teacher”

Whenever we look for an employee story, we go to the operations department. But this time, I want to share these small but lovely stories of my own. I enjoy being a “teacher”. I love it that my job not only keeps me moving, but also helps build dreams for others.



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