A day in the life of… an IHG General Manager

A day in the life of… an IHG General Manager

Great hotel General Managers all share a special skill, and that’s the ability to balance. Always thinking of the bigger picture while keeping an eye on the finer details is the steadying act that every General Manager must perform.

This ensures that the hotel they’re responsible for stands out from the competition in every respect. From guest welcomes and service quality to profitability and revenue drivers, you have to have your ear to the ground at all times and run a tight ship.

No day is exactly the same, that’s the beauty of hotel life! But there is a routine that most General Managers will stick to that ensures that their site runs smoothly and they can keep motivating their staff to provide the best experience possible to their guests.

7:00am – Early morning survey

Ask any General Manager what their initial task of the day is and every one will say that a review of the hotel comes first. Ensuring that all areas of the site look great, are properly equipped and your core staff – reception, breakfast service, concierge staff etc. – are all happy, motivated and ready to start a new day.

10:00am – Meeting time!

Daily meetings with heads of each department are essential. That way any concerns can be raised, plans for the day, week and month can be tracked and the best course of action agreed upon. It’s essential for the guest experience that everyone in the hotel is pulling in the same direction. It is the job of the General Manager to make sure that the entire team is signed up!

meeting with manager

11:00am – Checks and inspections

Safety checks and room inspections are non-negotiable. Ensuring the health and safety of guests and staff can never be ignored. Room inspections keep the team motivated to keep performing at their best and means that guests experience a consistent experience across the whole hotel.

12:00midday – Admin

There’s always some paperwork to catch-up on, so it’s time to head back to the desk and crack on. Answering calls and emails, writing reports or developing business plans are typical day to day tasks. This is the part of the day when plans can be put into action and queries can be dealt with.

1:45pm – Lunch

Because everybody has to eat!

2:15pm – Afternoon check-up

After lunch it will usually be time to have another check around the hotel. It’s these daily checks in which a General Manager’s keen eye for detail really comes to life. From chipped paint, wonky pictures on the wall to larger issues such as breakages or any risks that may spring up, it’s the detail-oriented nature of a General Manager that keeps even the smallest touches at the highest quality.

5:00pm – Chatting with guests

It’s vital that a General Manager stays in touch with their guests. Mingling with guests, ensuring their stay is running smoothly, is the only way to get a genuine read on the service the hotel provides. It’s a really significant part of the job. Guests always come first and that extra personal touch of speaking with the manager can make their stay that little bit more special.


Guests and manager

So you can see that a General Manager’s typical day could easily clock in at 12 hours long. However, hotel life is 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. That means that it’s not so unusual for a GM to get a call out of regular hours should something arise.

That’s where love for the job comes in. You’ve really got to be dedicated to providing great service and creating magic hospitality moments. It’s a fast-paced and ever-changing industry that will always reward you with unique challenges and once in a lifetime experiences.

Do you think you may have what it takes to take one of our leading hotels to the next level? Are you passionate, creative and dedicated? If this looks like the kind of day at the office you would love then make sure you head over to our vacancy search and see what your next big opportunity could be.


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