The 7 tips every chef needs for kitchen success

The 7 tips every chef needs for kitchen success

The relentless pursuit of perfection, the pressure for consistent creativity and striving to always stay ahead of the pack - no one said that being a chef was going to be easy. However, what a rewarding career it is. Gifting people a meal to remember is one of the most impactful ways a great chef can help boost their hotel.

So, let’s take a look at some of the ways that you can supercharge your career in the kitchen and get yourself on the fastrack to success.

Live and breathe it

The culinary arts are a creative pursuit. Much like a writer, artist, musician or any other creative career, you have to live and breathe what you do. Any job with creativity at its heart is about much more than what you do in the office/kitchen/studio - it’s about who you are.

If you want to be a chef that puts any kitchen they cook in on the map then be prepared to dedicate a lot of your time and energy in pursuit of the perfect plate.


IHG chef


Make your last dish as perfect as your first

There’s no denying that shifts in professional kitchens are long and they require all the hard work and energy you can muster. It can be tiring and nobody would blame you for feeling worn out at the end of a shift. However, the pursuit of perfection is part of parcel of a great chef’s personality.

IHG’s very own Liam Burditt says that one of the most important drives to running a successful kitchen is making sure that each and every dish you send out is as perfect as the first. This dedication is how brilliant chefs are born.

Stay relevant

A pressure for anyone doing their dream job is the competition. We eat out in restaurants, bistros and cafés now more than we ever have. And with more choice comes more chances for diners to be snatched out of your seats and plonked down into another.

That’s why remaining relevant has never been more important for a chef. Get out there and see what else is on offer. Try new flavours, test new techniques and keep things fresh. That’s great not only for you, but for your diners too!

There’s no crying in the kitchen

When you’re in the kitchen in the middle of a busy dinner service, the pressure is on. The pace can change rapidly, at a moment’s notice, and your resilience and stamina will be tested to their full capacity.

Mistakes happen and there will be times when you know something has gone wrong or could be done better. However, there’s no problem with on the job learning and you have to be able to learn those lessons and bounce back. As Executive Chef at InterContinental London, Park Lane Ashley Wells believes:


As a chef you never stop learning and using change is a great way to learn new techniques and food styles which will add to your repertoire.


Be a team of heroes

Every successful team needs a good leader- someone who can take a step back, look at the bigger picture and guide their team and keep striving to be the best. This is the role of a great Head Chef.

However, there are few places on earth where teamwork is more frequently displayed than in a professional kitchen. Every great head chef is supported by the team of chefs around him and everyone needs to be pulling in the same direction. There is no room for individual heroes - everyone must be exceptional.

Never settle

Just as with point two, the pursuit of perfection is key to any great chef’s personality. Learning from your mistakes and finding ways to consistently improve is all part of parcel of developing into an incredible chef.

One quality that all great chefs share is a natural instinct to never settle for ‘good enough’. Make sure that you’re always pushing you and your team to get better and better and you could find your kitchen landing at the top of some very impressive lists.

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