4 tips to help make your online application a hit!

4 tips to help make your online application a hit!

If you’re in the middle of a job hunt (or even if you aren’t) then you’ll likely have stumbled across an online application form. We understand that they can feel time consuming and repetitive, but there is a reason that they’re used.

Every application with IHG begins online. So we want to give some space on our blog to give you a few quick, handy hints on how to make your application a hit!

Read the job description

Now, this may seem a little patronising at first, but stick with us. You would be surprised the number of people who simply copy and paste their regular CV into the sections of an online application form.  This is not an advisable tactic!

Instead, read and re-read the job description of the role you’re applying for. The application form is designed to discover how well you matched the criteria for the job. If you tailor the language you use to echo the job description that will make us sit up and listen!


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We think all of our people at IHG are stars. But you can also be a STAR on your application form. We love to see the examples that you provide us with backed up with evidence. But you have limited space on an application form, so how can you structure your answers?

Using the STAR method! STAR stands for:


  • Situation – this is the who, what, when, where and how. For example, the hotel you were last managing was in the process of changing their restaurant menu offering.


  • Task – what was asked of you? Maybe you were asked to work closely with the head chef to create a new menu and market it effectively to your potential customers.


  • Action – what did you specifically do to complete your task? You performed market research and held sessions with the head chef to create a new menu offering and developed a five part marketing strategy to launch it.


  • Result – what were the results of your actions? Can you qualify this with figures? Your new menu resulted in a 25% increase in restaurant bookings, generating more profit and a review in a national newspaper.



If you think STAR when writing about your experience on the online form then you will automatically be giving us examples of what we like to see. Structure your answers this way and you won’t fail to impress.

What’s your why?

It’s not unlikely that you’ll be asked a ‘Why do you want to work for IHG’ style question when you’re applying. We want to hear about your work experience but also about how your passion and creativity will bring that to life at IHG.

Our best advice for tackling these kinds of questions is to stay positive! Don’t write about what you’re not loving so much in your current role - instead tells us about what sets your imagination on fire. Tell us why you get up in the morning and want to work in hospitality.

Strengths and weaknesses

Some struggle talking about their strengths - it can feel like boasting. Others have a hard time with weaknesses - it can seem like admitting defeat at the very outset. However, the presence of both in an online application is essential.

Your weaknesses are a chance to show that you are aware of areas that you need to develop and (this part is key) what you’ve done already to start tackling them. This shows you to be self-aware and willing to challenge yourself to progress to the next level of your career. And there’s nothing we love more than ambition at IHG.

So now you know our top four secrets to making your online application a hit, what’s stopping you? If you think you’ve got the passion, creativity and drive to make an amazing career for yourself at IHG then make sure you stop by our job search and take the first step on the journey to the next stage of your life.


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