10 ways to make the most of your first 3 months at IHG

10 ways to make the most of your first 3 months at IHG

The build-up before starting a new job can create a mixture of emotions. You’ll probably be excited to start, proud you got the job but a little nervous and apprehensive.

That is completely normal, so bearing in mind certain tips when starting a new role can be a great way to keep nerves at bay. At IHG we believe that the first three months in a role here should be exciting, informative and useful to new starters.

So we want to reveal 10 top tips on how you can make the most of your first three months at IHG.


1. Plan your commute the night before your first day

Alleviate any unnecessary last minute stress the morning of your first day by planning your route to work the night before.

2. Introduce yourself whenever and wherever you can

Making a good first impression can really get you off to a flying start, so make the most of any opportunity to introduce yourself.

3. Find a friend to ask those somewhat embarrassing questions to

No matter how old, young, experienced or confident, each and every one of us have those questions in a new job that we are dying to be answered. Line managers would usually be your first port of call but they’re not always available from day to day. So buddy up with someone who is, like your shift partner for example.


tips for first three months


4. Prioritise the most important things to learn

From new software, to systems, holiday entitlement to names. Starting a new job brings a load of new information to learn. Don’t bog yourself down with it all, rather ask which to prioritise and work your way through.

5. Ask lots of questions

Your first three months are crucial, and so asking lots of questions can be the best way to learn. So don’t be afraid to, our team at IHG are always happy to answer!

6. Get to know our company culture and your colleagues

At IHG our company culture and brand promise is something we have won worldwide awards for, and so we are excited for you to learn all about it. Take the time to get to know your colleagues too, they’re a great bunch.

7. Understand what is expected of you and set expectations

Have a clear understanding of what is expected of you and ask for some objectives. That way you can set expectations and manage them to make the most of your first few months.

8. Get organised and start good habits

Keeping a to-do list and some targets is always useful so you can practice good organisation. This will pave the way for good habits right from the off.

9. Be your 100% self & give your all

Getting the most out of your first few months will be doubly rewarding knowing you have given your 100% all. Come to work and be yourself, jump straight in and just enjoy it. After all you’ve been selected out of many because of your qualities, attributes and personality.

10. Ask for feedback

Once your introductory three months have passed which is always in no-time, seek feedback on your performance and progress. At IHG we dedicate our internal structures and frameworks to develop you to be the best you can be, so we would love to feedback on your first few months!

Keep these tips in mind as you embark on your new career with us here at IHG. Developing our teams and people is a strong element to who we are at IHG and so getting the best out of your first three months is really important to us.

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