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porteur de bagages 礼宾 员

Marque d'hôtel: Holiday Inn
Emplacement: Chine continentale, Guangdong, Guangzhou

Hôtel: GUHGH - Crowne Plaza Guangzhou Huadu

Numéro d'emploi : HOTEL48626

About Us

• Provide for guest’s luggage storage needs by accepting, tagging and retrieving checked luggage. Assist door and bell staff during the check-in and check-out peak periods • 负责为客人行李存储需求提供服务,接收,标注和领取行李。在入住和退房高峰期时协助门僮和应接服务员的工作。

Your day to day

Required Skills – 技能要求 • Able to read and write English • 能够读写英语 Qualifications – 学历 • High School or Vocational Certificate in Hotel Administration, Hotel Management or equivalent • 具有高中或酒店行政管理,酒店管理或相关的职业证书。 Experience – 经验 • Prior experience in hotel preferred. • 具有酒店经验者优先考虑。

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