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Directeur des ventes 销售 经理

2482 x 804 - ventes d'hôtels
2482 x 804 - ventes d'hôtels

Hotel Brand: Vignette Collection
Location: China, Shanghai

Hotel: Shanghai Snow World Hotel (SHAGN), No.1 Lane 399, Yinfei Road, Nanhui New Town, Pudong New Area, 200135

Numéro d'emploi : 120165

  • Get known all information of competitors, such as rate, top accounts production and seasonal promotion of room, F&B and other local attractions. Adapting hotel products to respond to competitive threats and reports to Director of Sales.
  • 了解并熟悉竞争对手的所有产品信息,包括价格、关键客户产量、酒店客房及餐饮的季节性推广等。调整产品设置,以应对竞争对手的威胁并定期向销售总监汇报。
  • Enlarge customer base through proactive calls, visits and sales blitz.
  • 通过积极主动的电话拜访、上门拜访以及销售闪电战等扩大客户基础。
  • Weekly provides feedback on market trends and keep updated with client relationship, overall business goals through close communication with Director of Sales.
  • 每周提供最新的市场趋势和反馈,与客户保持良好关系,不断更新整体经营目标。
  • Closely monitor accounts revenue and business production. Maximise selling opportunities whenever possible.
  • 紧密监督主要客户的收入和产量。抓住任何有可能得销售机会。
  • To plan sales calls properly to maximize the results.
  • 妥善计划销售拜访取得最大化的成果。
  • Practices up-selling at all opportunities during the service period to maximize hotel revenue. 
  • 在服务过程中寻求并抓住一切潜在机会尽最大可能去提升酒店销售额。
  • Establishes and maintains files of major accounts and assists Director of Sales in maintain the Accounts Management System. 
  • 建立和维持主要的客户档案,并协助销售总监维护管理客户档案管理体系。
  • Obtains feedback from clients and follows through with the necessary actions.
  • 从客户处获得意见反馈并通过必要行动来跟进。
  • Cross -sells other IHG hotels.
  • 在可能的情况下推荐洲际集团旗下其他姐妹酒店。
  • Assists the Director of Sales in the allocation of daily job to the Sales Team according to department organization.
  • 根据团队架构来协助销售总监对日常工作进行有效分配。
  • Carries out any other reasonable duties and responsibilities as assigned.
  • 完成任何其他合理的职责和被指派的职责。

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