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Garde de sécurité 保安 员

Marque de l'hôtel: Hualuxe
Lieu: Chine continentale, Sichuan, Yibin

Hôtel: HUALUXE Yibin & Holiday Inn Express Yibin

Numéro d'emploi : HOTEL48633

About Us

  • Responsible for the safety and security of guests, employees and establishment needs
  • 负责酒店宾客、员工及设施的安全保卫工作
  • Implement procedures for security and emergency incidents
  • 执行安全和紧急事件处理程序
  • In the event of fire, be thoroughly familiar with and guided by the hotel’s emergency plan
  • 发生火灾时,应熟知并按照酒店应急事件处理要求进行工作
  • Be familiar with location of fire alarms and fire fighting equipment
  • 熟悉消防报警及灭火器材的位置
  • Maintain a regular presence in public area or your assigned post
  • 保持定期的在公共区域或所负责的岗位值勤
  • Patrol all areas including employee locker rooms, kitchens, food and beverage storage areas, car parking and remote areas
  • 巡视酒店的所有区域,包括员工更衣室、厨房、餐饮库房、停车场及其他偏僻区域
  • Assist and maintain crowd control as required
  • 按照要求协助维持人群的正常秩序
  • Act on reports delivered by the Security Manager regarding any unusual incidents identified by closed circuit television
  • 根据保安管理员通过闭路监视系统发现的异常情况采取相应行动
  • Ensure there is no obstruction to the loading dock and that unauthorized vehicles are removed
  • 确保裝卸区无障碍,未经批准的车辆不得入内
  • Coordinate functions with other security staff or Police and other government Securities and promote good will with them
  • 协调与其它保安人员、公安人员及政府其它安全部门的职能关系,并与他们发展良好的关系
  • Implement the hotel policies and procedures and advise Superiors and Human Resources of action taken
  • 执行酒店的各项规章制度并向上级领导和人事部通报执行情况
  • Establish and maintain the effective employee relations
  • 建立并保持良好的员工关系
  • Be alert for any unusual packages, guests or vehicles and advise superior of same
  • 对于异常的行李、客人或车辆保持高度警惕,并向上级领导汇报相关情况
  • Engage in staff bag checks and locker checks as directed by Human Resources
  • 按照酒店人事部的要求检查员工储物柜及其随身携带物品
  • Make way by escorting VIPs and dignitaries when directed and direct traffic away from Porte Cochere and other busy thorough fares
  • 按照指示对酒店重要客人及重要官员提供护卫,保证大堂及其它繁杂区域的交通秩序正常

Your day to day

Required Skills –


  • Certification in safety and training and/or licensed as a Security Officer or Law Enforcement Officer may be required.  Certified CPR, First Aid instructor and training in law enforcement techniques desired.  
  • 拥有安全和培训及保安人员和执法人员的证书。认证的CPR,救生培训员及接受过必要的执法技巧培训。
  • Working knowledge of local laws, investigation methods, OSHA requirements and fire codes and life safety codes.
  • 具有本地法律,调查手段,OSHA要求和消防规范及生命安全规范的工作知识。


Qualifications –


  • High School or vocational training
  • 高中文化或职业培训


Experience –


  • 1 year of security and safety experience and/or military/law enforcement experience, or an equivalent combination of education and experience
  • 具有一年保安经验和军队或执法经验,或与此相当的教育与工作经验结合的背景
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