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Gestionnaire de fidélité 忠实 客户 经理

Marque de l'hôtel : Crowne Plaza
Lieu : Chine continentale, Guangdong, Chaozhou

Hôtel : Crowne Plaza Chaozhou Riverside

Numéro d'emploi : HOTEL45266

About Us

• Monitor guest relations’ personnel to ensure maximum guest satisfaction through personal recognition to all VIP’s, returning guests and PCR and ambassador members and prompt cordial attention from arrival through departure 监管客户关系最大程度的提供个人化热诚的,优质的服务在客人入住期间增加重要客人,回头客以及酒店优越会员及大使的满意度 • Monitor guest relations personnel to ensure Priority Club members consistently receive all benefits, repeat guests and other VIP’s receive special recognition and service 监管客户关系以确保所有的重要客人,回头客和酒店优越会员及大使会员能够一如既往的享受 所有的优惠和特别的重视和服务 • Review all expected arrivals on daily basis, and pre-select PCR enrollments targets and ensure maximum qualified enrolments are achieved 每天浏览所有的预定情况,提前选择酒店会员的对象确保最大化的加入会员 • Inspects all pre-assigned rooms for VIP’s, returning guests and PCR ambassador members prior to arrival 检查所有提前预留给重要客人,回头客,酒店优越会员及大使会员的房间 • Greet all VIP’s, returning guests and PCR, ambassador members personally 亲自问候所有的重要客人,回头客和酒店优越会员及大使会员 • Ensure VIP Rooming list issued in Welcome Booklet, whenever 2 or more VIP’s are a party (see attachment) 保证分发重要客人的欢迎信,包括2个或更多的随行人员 • Liaise with other departments and necessary outside contacts to ensure excellent service delivery 保持和其它部门和外界的紧密接触以确保优质的服务 • Oversee maintenance of all VIP’s, returning guests and PCR ambassador members history system 检查和维护所有重要客人,回头客以及酒店优越会员及大使会员的资料记录 • Perform such functions as to include but not be limited to: 行使下列功能,包括但不仅限于:  All VIP’s, returning guests and PCR ambassador members welcome letters. 所有重要贵宾,回头客,酒店优越会员及大使会员的欢迎信  Active solicitation of PCR ambassador applications. 积极的增加酒店的优越会员及大使会员加入  Recognize, attend and follow up to special requests by guests. 重视以及参与跟进客人的特殊要求 • Develop and implement guest telephone contact systems 发展和执行客人电话联系系统 • Handle guest complaints and refer them as necessary, follows up on corrective action 处理客人的投书如有必要将会作为参考,立即做出跟进计划 • Compile, analyze and control guest relations’ costs 编辑,分析和控制客户关系的成本 • Review arrival lists for arrivals of all VIP’s, returning guests and PCR ambassador members to check room allocations, amenities, and special requests 浏览重要客人,回头客,酒店优越会员及大使会员的到达预定的表格并检查房间的安排,房间内的欢迎物品和特殊的要求 • Prepare requisitions for amenities on a timely basis 每天定时准备房间欢迎物品的需求 • Overall responsible for ensuring and maintaining the entire range of services offered for all VIP’s, returning guests and PCR ambassador members with the aim to maximize guest satisfaction 全面地负责和确保重要贵宾,回头客,酒店优越会员及大使会员的全方面服务已提高客人满意度 • Organize and conduct regular meeting related to guest recognition to facilitate communications and smooth operations 组织和举行例会以提高客人的重视度以及推动沟通和稳定的运作

Your day to day

● Works with superior in the preparation and management of the department’s budget 与主管一起准备和管理部门的预算工作 • Within the authority as assigned for Hotel Band 6 role 酒店职位6级所拥有职权范围 QUALIFICATIONS AND REQUIREMENTS 资格 Required Skills – 技能要求 ● Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office,Front Office System and Holidex System 熟练使用微软办公软件,前台系统和Holidex 系统  Good knowledge of local area information, handle guest request efficiently 熟悉各类相关信息,尽力为客人解决问题  Good English language skill 良好的英语能力  Good supervisory skill, with emphasis on “people management” 良好的管理技能,强调“人性化管理”  Good communication skill 良好的沟通技巧  Be good at organize and problem solving 良好的组织以及解决问题的能力  Training& presentation skill 良好的培训以及展示技巧 Qualifications – 学历 University 大学 Experience – 经验 • 3 years of guest service / hotel experience with one year in a management capacity, or an equivalent combination of education and experience 拥有3年酒店宾客服务工作经验,包括1年管理经验,或与此相当的教育和相关工作经验结合的背景 • Type and level of experience required may vary slightly based on size and complexity of operation 经验类型和程度的要求可能因运营规模和复杂性而略有不同
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