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Responsable Marketing Alimentaire & Boissons 餐饮 市场 经理

2482x804-alimentation et boissons chaudes
2482x804-alimentation et boissons chaudes

Hotel Brand: Vignette Collection
Location: China, Shanghai

Hotel: Shanghai Snow World Hotel (SHAGN), No.1 Lane 399, Yinfei Road, Nanhui New Town, Pudong New Area, 200135

Job number: 120109

  • Manage the day-to-day activities of market-specific social media channels
  • 管理社交媒体渠道的日常市场活动
  • Distribute promotions to all online channels including Website, EDM, WeChat, Weibo, Dianping, Meituan, Koubei, Red, etc.
  • 把餐饮推广发布至在线渠道,包括官网、电子邮件营销、微信、微博、大众点评、美团、口碑、小红书等。
  • Track the effectiveness of each activity and provide studies and analysis with the assistance of Assistant Director of Food and Beverage / Director of Food and Beverage to various operations teams. 
  • 在餐饮副总监/餐饮总监的协助下,对各部门的每个在线活动进行有效性的追踪与跟进并提供研究和分析。
  • Cooperate with Marketing Communications Department to overview and maintain the property brand website, special offer page, and make sure contents are aligned with marketing initiatives.
  • 与市场传媒部配合,概览和维护酒店品牌网站,特别优惠页面,并确保内容与市场营销举措保持一致。
  • Ensure social content is reflective of brand positioning
  • 确保社交平台上的内容都能准确的体现品牌定位
  • Conduct competitor analysis
  • 对竞争对手进行分析
  • Create positive publicity opportunities
  • 创造良好的公众宣传机会
  • Manage customer database and utilize effectively
  • 管理顾客数据库并有效的加以使用
  • Up-sell property facilities
  • 推销酒店的设施
  • Building and maintaining public relationships
  • 建立并维系公共关系
  • Work with Assistant Director of Food and Beverage / Director of Food and Beverage to develop F&B specific social media strategies.
  • 与餐饮副总监/餐饮总监合作制订餐饮相关的社交媒体策略。
  • Liaise with Sales Manager during tender process to obtain new accounts; Food and Beverage specific
  • 在竞标过程中与销售经理密切合作争取新的客户;特别是餐饮部门的客户。
  • Manage and coordinate Food & Beverage marketing campaigns.
  • 管理及协调餐饮市场营销活动
  • Participate in forecasting and budgeting with F&B leader, outlet managers, and chefs.
  • 与餐饮部负责人,各餐饮点负责人,及各厨师长一起,参与餐饮部的预测和预算工作。
  • Support F&B service in restaurants, lounges and bar when F&B operations are busy.
  • 在餐饮运营繁忙时前往餐厅,酒廊,及酒吧支援对客服务。
  • Carry out other tasks as directed by immediate supervisor
  • 完成直属上司交代的其它任务

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