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Nettoyeur à sec 干洗 工

Marque de l'hôtel: Hualuxe
Lieu: Chine continentale, Sichuan, Yibin

Hôtel: HUALUXE Yibin & Holiday Inn Express Yibin

Job number: HOTEL48620

About Us

  • Prepares guest pressing and dry cleaning as requested in accordance with hotel presentation standards.
  • 按照酒店准备工作的标准程序,根据客人的要求做好干洗、熨烫的准备工作。
  • Spot and dry clean all uniforms.
  • 辨认与干洗所有的制服。
  • Sort articles to be dry cleaned into categories and performs dry cleaning function including:
  • 将衣物分类后干洗,干洗工作包括:
  • Uses all dry cleaning equipment


  • Uses spotting boards


  • Attends to pre-coating and sludging.


  • Sort articles for pressing into categories and performs pressing function including:
  • 将衣物分类后熨烫,熨烫的职责包括:
  • Using pressing equipment


  • Use appropriate chemicals when pressing


  • Maintain chemical supplies.
  • 维持化学药剂的供应。
  • Prepare requisitions for depleted supplies.
  • 准备已用完物品的采购申请。
  • Check guest items on receipt for damage and record any findings.
  • 坚持客人损坏物品的单据。
  • Maintains dry cleaning equipment in good condition and ensures regular servicing.
  • 负责干洗设备的维护并确保日常的维修。
  • Attends to outside customers and guests courteously, promptly while maximizing sales.
  • 礼貌、及时地关注客人,以增加业务量。
  • Maintains working area and equipment in proper state of cleanliness and repair.
  • 对工作区域进行维护,并保证设备处于清洁及维护的良好状况。
  • Reports guest complaints to superior immediately.
  • 如有客人投诉,须立即上报主管。
  • Complies with Hotel’s health, safety and hygiene policies and adheres to conduct personal grooming and hygiene standards.
  • 按照酒店健康、安全、和卫生政策执行职责,并坚持监督员工个人形象及卫生符合标准。
  • Attends meetings and training sessions as required.
  • 根据要求参加会议和培训课程。
  • Complete other responsibilities as assigned.
  • 完成指派下来的其它任务。

Your day to day

Required Skills –


  • Communication skills are utilized a significant amount of time when interacting with others; demonstrated ability to interact with customers, employees and third parties that reflects highly on the hotel, the brand and the Company.
  • 拥有在与他人交往时大多数时间所使用的沟通技能;完全代表酒店,品牌和公司与顾客,员工和第三方交往的能力。
  • Able to speak, read and write English
  • 具有说,读和写英语的能力。


Qualifications –


  • Junior High SchoolEducation or equivalent
  • 初中或相当学历


Experience –


  • Two years relevant working experience.
  • 两年同等规模酒店相关职位的工作经验。

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