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2482 x 804 - ventes d'hôtels
2482 x 804 - ventes d'hôtels

Marque de l'hôtel : Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts
Emplacement : Chine, Beijing, Wuhan

Hôtel : Wuhan Development Zone (WUHEZ), No.101 Dongfeng Avenue, Economic and Technology Development Zone, 430056

Numéro d'emploi : 117619


  1. Assists in producing the Annual Revenue Plan 


  1. Assists in producing, implementing and monitoring action plans to ensure Revenue Plan objectives are achieved


  1. Analyses current and potential markets/trends, coordinates all activities to maintain and increase revenue through added business volume and increased rate


  1. Procures new and repeat business for the hotel by monitoring contact with airlines, travel agencies, commercial houses, private clubs and professional associations within local, domestic UK and international markets. Maintains contact with planners, corporate accounts, incentive buyers, airlines and wholesalers, through personal sales calls, telephone contacts and written communications



  1. Creates and implements special programmers to achieve greater productivity through:
    1. Increasing average rate



  1. Increasing occupancy


  1. Increasing business volume during difficult periods


  1. Increasing local food and beverage banqueting sales


  1. Manages key accounts


  1. Oversees the selling and servicing of group business


  1. Co-ordinates the development of all promotional material


  1. Provides direction on and conducts market research


  1. Monitors competitor activities


  1. Maintains close liaison with Regional/ Corporate Sales teams and those of other ICHG hotels to ensure the hotel receives proper corporate consideration, direction and support 


  1. Plans and executes sales trips to major market areas


  1. Attends major travel functions to promote sales for the hotel


  1. Under the guidance of your superior, directs all sales activities for Sales Managers and Sales Executives to ensure they meet the goals of the Revenue Plan
  2. Produces monthly Sales reports and forecasts


  1. Meets with guests from major producers/organizers of big events staying in the hotel to ensure customer satisfaction


  1. Establishes and continuously updates mailing lists


  1. Organizes and attends major sales/PR related functions within the hotel


  1. Works with superior on manpower planning and management needs


  1. Works with superior in the preparation and management of the Department’s budget


  1. Perform other duties as assigned by superior.
  2. 履行上级分派的其他职责。

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