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Plat froid de cuisine chinoise 1


Hotel Brand: Vignette Collection
Location: China, Shanghai

Hotel: Shanghai Snow World Hotel (SHAGN), No.1 Lane 399, Yinfei Road, Nanhui New Town, Pudong New Area, 200135

Numéro du poste : 120148

  •  Prepare, present and store appetizers, savouries, salads, sandwiches, dressings and sauces
  •     准备、提供和保存开胃菜、沙拉、三明治、拌酱及调味料
  •       Prepare hot and cold sauces for menu items ensuring quality and consistency
  •       准备冷热调味料,确保质量和连贯性
  •       Prepare and store dishes containing eggs, vegetables, fruits
  •       准备和储存菜品,包括:鸡蛋、蔬菜、水果
  •       Prepare and present poultry
  •       准备禽类
  •       Prepare and present meat dishes, including meat marinades and carves meats
  •       准备肉类,包括腌制肉和切肉
  •       Present patés and terrines
  •       准备自助餐冷盘
  •       Communicate politely and display courtesy to guests and internal customers
  •       与客人和内部顾客交流时应有礼貌
  •       Provide direction to the Kitchen helpers, including Cooks, Kitchen Trainee and Stewards
  •       指导厨房的助手、包括厨房副手、厨师、厨房服务员和管事
  • Communicate to superior any difficulties, guest or internal customer comment and other relevant information
  •       与上级交流意见,如顾客的评论和其他有关的信息
  •       Establish and maintain effective employee working relationships
  •       建立和保持有效的员工工作关系
  •       Attend and participate in daily briefings and other meetings as scheduled
  •       参加每日的晨会和其他会议
  •       Attend and participate in training sessions as scheduled
  •       根据安排参加培训课程
  •       Prepare in advance food, beverage, material and equipment needed for the service
  •       提前准备食物、酒水和其他服务所需的用具
  •       Clean and re-set his/her working area
  •       清洁及重新安排他们的工作范围
  •       Implement the hotel and department regulations, policies and procedures including but not limited to:
  •       执行酒店和部门的规章制度,包括但不限于:
  • House Rules and Regulations
  • 酒店的规章制度
  • Health and Safety
  • 健康与安全
  • Grooming
  • 仪容仪表
  • Quality
  • 质量
  • Hygiene and Cleanliness
  • 卫生和清洁
  • Perform related duties and special projects as assigned
  • 履行相关的职责和完成布置的特殊工作

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